Atomic Wings Introduces the Bigger, Better, Juicier Thigh Wing

Atomic Wings Introduces the Bigger, Better, Juicier Thigh Wing

On March 24, the chicken wing franchise is offering free samples of its new Thigh Wing to lure guests to try the dark side of the wing.

Atomic Wings Introduces the Bigger, Better, Juicier Thigh WingAtomic Wings, the fast-growing, Buffalo-style chicken wing franchise, is luring guests to try the dark side. Of wings, that is. On March 24, Atomic Wings is inviting New Yorkers to try free samples of its new Thigh Wing, a bigger, juicier, crispier version of the iconic game-day finger food.

Starting at 11 a.m. on March 24, every Atomic Wings location will offer four free Thigh Wings to customers while supplies last — which may not be long given the brand’s large and loyal fanbase.

This daring product innovation comes as chicken wing consumption skyrockets and supply shrinks, threatening the nation’s strategic chicken wing reserves.

In response to that crisis, Atomic Wings created the Thigh Wing to ensure each of its restaurants can still serve up loads of wings without sacrificing an ounce of quality. In fact, Atomic Wings CEO Zak Omar says the Thigh Wings are in many ways even more appealing than the traditional wing.

“We call it the ‘bigger, better wing,’” said Omar. “Thigh wings are not only bigger and meatier, but they’re also crispier and juicier, too. We think we’ve discovered the most important innovation in chicken wings since bleu-cheese dip.”

Omar also notes that the introduction of the thigh wing helps fill a gap that the chicken wing industry previously had: a dark meat offering for customers.

“When I was growing up, I worked at my dad’s chicken food truck in New York City. We always used to ask our customers if they wanted white or dark meat, and there was always a 50/50 split,” said Omar. “We realized that in the wing industry, customers don’t have the option of a dark meat product. With the rollout of our new thigh wing, we now have the ability to meet that demand of customers who want dark meat.”

This bone-in twist on the beloved classic wing offers the tangy zing of Atomic Wing’s signature sauces but with an enhanced flavor profile thanks to the dark meat from the chicken thigh. The chicken is sourced from Atomic Wings-selected farm suppliers, and then hand-cut to the brand’s exacting standards, providing a plump-and-juicy snacking experience with every bite. Omar and the Atomic Wings team have also ensured that this new thigh wing is cut to look like a wing. This ensures that customers aren’t receiving a square, boxy wing — it looks like the fan favorite flat wing.

The rapidly growing franchise continues to stay at the forefront of product innovation, market trends and consumer tastes in order to help its franchisees achieve their mission of providing the best, most exciting wings in America.

“We’re excited about the launch of this new way to think about chicken wings,” said Omar. “We can’t wait for people to get out there and give the thigh a try.”

Atomic Wings Introduces the Bigger, Better, Juicier Thigh Wing

Atomic Wings was created in 1989 with a mission to share authentic New York style Buffalo wings with the world. Now, with dozens of restaurants open in the U.S., Atomic Wings is setting its sights on nationwide growth. In addition to its existing locations in New York and Maryland, Atomic Wings has additional units signed to open in Arizona, Nevada and Texas. The brand is led by owners and brothers Zak and Ray Omar, and offers customers fresh, never frozen, natural and hormone-free chicken wings hand-tossed in 14 proprietary sauces, a classic menu, a welcoming dining experience and a commitment to quality. For more information about Atomic Wings, please visit