Attract Customers to Your Restaurant More Often and Increase Order Size Using Mobile Offers

Koupon Media Helps Restaurants Deploy Mobile Coupons; Targets the Right Customer at the Right Time

Mobile couponing is quick and easy, and it is continuing to change the way businesses operate and serve customers. Providing customers with offers that are relevant to them builds traffic, loyalty, and increases average order size. GPS technology in mobile devices allows restaurants to capture the attention of target customers precisely as they are driving or walking by, about to make a dining decision.

Attract Customers to Your Restaurant More Often and Increase Order Size Using Mobile Offers

“Why aren’t we seeing more businesses offering tailored mobile offers and coupons,” asked TJ Person, CEO and founder, Koupon Media. “I believe there are two reasons — one is disparate and outdated POS systems and the other is widespread fraud that exists within the coupon industry.”

Koupon Media’s B2B Digital Campaign Management (DCM) platform can be integrated with existing POS systems, or operate independently of POS. Either solution gives restaurant owners real time tracking, clearing, redemption, and settlement. With the help of the DCM platform, businesses can deploy a mobile solution within weeks and begin offering customers deals that will drive traffic within days.

Coupon fraud is widespread and businesses worry about coupons being used multiple times by multiple customers. Koupon Media offers its patent-pending ‘tap-to-redeem’ technology, which enforces one-time use through multi-layer fraud protection that automatically geofences redemptions and requires costumers to act within a pre-determined time. For additional fraud protection, the DCM platform incorporates sophisticated consumer analytics that track the consumer’s path to purchase in real time. Restaurant owners are assured that coupons are used once, and they aren’t being shared or duplicated.

“We can help restaurant owners run campaigns to boost business when they need it the most through our big data tracking,” added Person. “We can quickly start to see patterns and behaviors that helps businesses understand when customers dine with them, when they sit inside or take it to go, and which menu items are the most popular. Since this is tracked in real time, the information helps tailor campaigns immediately, and gives owners the ability to drive sales in new ways.”

Attract Customers to Your Restaurant More Often and Increase Order Size Using Mobile OffersKoupon Media’s B2B DCM platform enables restaurants to provide offers through a variety of channels (mobile, branded mobile app, email, print, text, social media, Passbook, etc.), giving customers an option when considering their dining choices. This allows restaurants to create a variety of campaigns for different customers types, based on revenue goals during any given season. Existing Koupon Media customers are already seeing increased redemption rates – as high as five times better than traditional coupons.

Last year, Koupon Media announced its cloud-based DCM platform allowing marketers to implement digital offer campaigns from any platform. The Company also recently announced “tap-to-redeem” technology, patented scratch-off coupon gamification, Apple Passbook integration, and Facebook one-click-to-mobile integration, which can all be used—individually or in tandem—to power offers, coupons and loyalty campaigns with a few clicks, directly through the DCM platform.

Koupon Media provides an innovative Digital Campaign Management (DCM) platform for progressive retailers and brands wanting to unify the creation, distribution, redemption, and analysis of digital coupons and loyalty programs. The company’s cloud-based B2B solution solves problems that plague today’s fraud-filled and broken coupon and promotions market, and helps brand managers customize offers and increase visibility into consumer buying behavior. Delivered via mobile app, QR, bar code, text, email, Apple Passbook, and social media, Koupon Media’s patented technology deploys single-use coupons to eliminate fraud from the fulfillment process. Founded by mobile entrepreneurs T.J. Person and Scott Hutchinson, Koupon Media is funded by DFJ Mercury, Trailblazer Capital, and Matthew Pritzker Company. Koupon Media is headquartered in Frisco, TX with offices in Chicago, IL and Mexico.