Awarded for Saving Lives Through Food Allergy Training

South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa Recognized for Outstanding Food Allergy Program

Awarded for Saving Lives Through Food Allergy Training
Chef Keith Norman

On May 21, The South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa was the recipient of the award 2017 Best Overall Allergy Program for Restaurants at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Il given by AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo.

AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo is the nation’s leading food allergy and gluten-free resource for the foodservice industry. This year they selected the top industry leaders in allergy training and awareness through their inaugural food allergy awards. The awards recognize the hard work and dedication displayed by those at the forefront of the industry. The South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa is a perfect example of businesses who are taking allergies seriously and is well deserving of the title as this year’s Best Overall Allergy Program for Restaurants.

The allergen program at South Point is led by Chef Keith Norman. Chef Norman has been heavily involved in lecturing about allergens for many years in the state of Nevada and beyond and is known as one of the industry’s top speakers. As South Point’s Food Safety Manager, he has implemented many techniques that cause awareness throughout South Point’s many restaurants. Chef Norman has also been brought in as an expert witness on two allergen lawsuits based on his extensive knowledge and training.

“I have had the pleasure of seeing South Point care for those with food allergies since early 2011. I personally taught AllerTrain to Chef Keith in 2012 and was thrilled to see him become an AllerTrain Certified Master Trainer for his team. It is with tremendous pleasure to present Chef Keith and South Point with the award for Best Overall Food Allergy Program for Restaurants. They are more than deserving of the recognition and serve as a shining example to the industry,” said Betsy Craig, CEO of MenuTrinfo.

The strategies used in kitchens at South Point are among the best in the industry to ensure serving safe food and avoiding cross-contamination. For years, they have been setting trends in allergen management. Beginning with separate storage areas for allergen-free and allergen-containing foods, they have gone so far as to have an allergy kit readily available in kitchens so they can accommodate on a moment’s notice. In the allergy kit, there are separate cutting boards, knives, utensils, etc. all used to prepare safe meals for guests at an individual level. Allergy specific food orders are printed in a different color on tickets to the kitchen to stand out from normal food orders. The Hotel has even successfully hosted multiple allergen conferences over the years.

“Discipline is key. What you permit is what you promote. The South Point is blessed to have Chef Keith at the helm of this program and it is our good fortune to be known as a hotel that caters to allergen guests. Those with food allergies deserve to have a great tasting and safe meal just like everyone else. Chef Keith’s constant training, coaching and sharing of unfortunate allergen incidents around the world puts real faces to those incidents and gets our employees to be “all in” as it relates to these matters. On behalf of everyone at South Point we thank you for the recognition.” said Michael Kennedy, Director of Food Operations at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa.

South Point ensures that everyone involved in the dining experience is not only properly trained, but trained annually. Each year they have an allergy training that is mandatory for all management, chefs, service team and culinary team regardless of length of employment. It serves as a basis for new employees and a refresher for continuous employees. With many casinos and restaurants in Las Vegas, NV, South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa is a stand out to those diners needing ensured safety and has become a go-to for food bloggers and allergen enthusiasts alike.Awarded for Saving Lives Through Food Allergy Training

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