Bakers Square Forecasts Must-Have Desserts This Holiday Season

Bakers Square Forecasts Must-Have Desserts This Holiday Season

America’s favorite part of a meal is dessert. According to a recent survey commissioned by a top sugar company, 97 percent of Americans eat dessert more than three times a week. During the holiday season, desserts are even more prevalent taking many different shapes, textures and sizes. Always guaranteed to brighten your mood and bring back fond childhood memories, as the season changes, so do the desserts that we crave. Whether you prefer simple or complex flavors, there are sweets to fit every taste bud and make you feel great.

“Desserts have long been associated with celebrations, parties, happiness and pleasant feelings. Sweets make you feel good. We use the highest quality ingredients in all of our baked goods and make desserts that you can feel good about feeding your family” said American Blue Ribbon “Pie Lady,” Mary Pint. Pint has over 35 years in the baking and pie industry and has emerged as one of the country’s top baking experts. From breakfast-time goodies to after meal indulgences, to late afternoon pick-me-ups Mary mapped out the sweetest treats this holiday season.

As far as dessert is concerned, pie is quickly becoming the top choice for America’s dessert decision and popping up as the dessert of choice in all areas of entertaining from weddings to banquets to simple family dinners. Americans ordered 722 million servings of pie at restaurants nationwide in 20111 an increase of 12 million slices over 2009, according to NPD Group. Bakers Square is proud to offer over 30 varieties of pie, and serves “the best pie in America.” Be sure to check out 2012 American Pie Council Blue Ribbon winners: traditional French Silk, No Sugar Added Cherry, Blueberry and French Apple Cream Cheese.

Holiday 2012 must-haves include:

The Classic Favorite

French Silk Pie – Perfect to grab and go on the way to a holiday party or family gathering, French Silk Pie is a classic throwback making a huge splash this season. Velvety smooth chocolate cream topped with fluffy whip and milk chocolate shavings proves to be an old favorite that never gets old.

A Festive Holiday Treat

Candy Cane Pie, A Bakers Square Original – This pie is sure to make any gathering more festive during the holiday season. It starts with a dark cookie crumb crust layered with milk chocolate , topped with peppermint white silk filling mixed with red and green peppermint chips, followed by another thin layer of milk chocolate finished with real whipped cream and red and green candy drops. It’s a bundle of holiday joy wrapped into one pie!

The Trendy Breakfast

Carmel Pecan Sweet Roll – Sweet rolls are the perfect way to start your day. Once thought of as a weekend brunch treat, sweet rolls are now breaking into the work week becoming an everyday morning indulgence. The holidays are all about life’s simple pleasures; you deserve it!

Childhood Favorites

Classic Sugar Cookies – A childhood favorite, classic sugar cookies are the go-to pick-me-up. They can be enjoyed as quick afternoon snacks or simple after-meal treats. Perfect in size, these cookies will leave you satisfied and bring back fond, youthful memories.

Gorgeous Galettes

Harvest Berry Galette – This decadent dessert is a popular European trend. Taking the traditional fruit pie to a new level, the Harvest Berry Galette encompasses Bakers Square legendary flaky pie crust handcrafted rustic style with a filling made from apples, rhubarb, raspberries and blackberries.

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