Bar Trends: Games at the Table

Bar Trends: Games at the TableHow can your bar bring in new customers and keep loyal customers in their seats? Games! But you shouldn’t necessarily think about old standbys like pool and darts. While there’s nothing wrong with those games, your bar can be on the cutting edge of technology by offering games at the table using tablets, smartphones, or other handheld devices.

Table games are a huge trend in the bar and restaurant world. Applebee’s, one of the biggest chains in America, plans to install 100,000 tablets at tables in its restaurants. While these tablets can do many things, like allow customers to order and pay, games are one of the biggest draws. Many other restaurant chains, like Chili’s and IHOP, are considering following suit.

Are you considering using games at the table in your bar? Here are just a few reasons you might want to consider it:

Games are social.

One of your biggest challenges as a bar owner is getting new customers to come into your bar. Food and drinks only get you so far—after all, that’s what every bar has to offer! By hosting a social experience, you’re giving customers something they can’t necessarily get at every other bar. You’re giving them something to do and a reason to hang out at your bar longer.

Games create a community.

Loyal customers come back again and again, which is exactly what every bar owner wants! And how do you get loyal customers? By building a sense of community. Games can help with that; in fact, Buzztime’s games, including trivia games, card games, and arcade games, create an intense community that’s over 5 million players strong! Wouldn’t you love to have some of those loyal players in your bar? By offering games at the table, you can!

Games are convenient.

What could be easier than playing a game at the table? Customers don’t even have to get up to have a great time. By bringing the fun to your customers, you’re giving them every reason to keep playing. And Buzztime’s games offer huge variety, so your customers never have to go somewhere else. Whether they’re in the mood for trivia or Texas Hold ‘Em, Buzzime BEOND has something to offer your customers.

Extra money.

It’s simple; when customers stay longer, they order more. The longer customers play games, the more money they spend at your bar!

Games at the table can be a great way for a bar to build a community and boost business. So what are you waiting for? Bring in tableside games to your bar today!

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