Big Momma Media Changes How Restaurants Market to Their Customers

Big Momma Media Changes How Restaurants Market to Their Customers

How a local Midwestern restaurant increased monthly revenues by over 30%, $250,000 a year, during a recession.

A successful 18-year printing and marketing company moved beyond print to a full-service marketing and communications company in the hospitality industry. Restaurants not yet using text messaging are quickly falling behind and Image Printing, Inc. saw a huge opportunity beyond text messaging only, to a complete customer base driven marketing system employing personalized text, email, and impactful custom direct mail.

Combining their award-winning design and marketing department with personal experience in the restaurant industry, they now help other restaurants become much more successful driving new and existing customers back to their restaurant many times over, while improving their profits significantly. “We help restaurant owners sleep better at night, not having to worry about empty tops, slow weeknights, or no lunch crowds,” said co-owner Dave Nelson.

It’s more difficult than ever for restaurants in today’s economy to reach new customers through media advertising and keep their customers loyal, let alone increase revenues. Customers are intensely value-conscious these days and competition for them is fierce, so “status quo” marketing is no longer an option. “Today’s consumers need a whole lot more to prove why they should be loyal to your brand.” Liz Miler, CMO for Chief Marketing Officer Council.

Enter Big Momma, a division of Image Printing, Inc., serving up the secret ingredients. Recently, Big Momma was challenged to help a popular but struggling local restaurant that was losing money. With experience and infrastructure, Big Momma used her online marketing text messaging and email platform, along cutting-edge printing technology, to meet the challenge. Within two years, the restaurant increased its monthly revenue by over 30% and yearly, by over $250,000. Not an easy feat in the midst of a recession.

The goal of the Big Momma Program is to create greater customer loyalty with more satisfied customers, who visit more often, and tell more people about them, reducing slow periods and boosting monthly revenues significantly. It combines the three most cost-effective, personalized marketing channels into one integrated, easy-to-use online marketing platform.  With its full tracking and reporting capabilities, it’s easy to understand the early success that Big Momma and her client’s experience.

The program includes personalized text messaging, email, and customized variable data printed direct mail to deliver impactful messages designed specifically for the demographics of each customer.  This not only leads customers to act (often as high as 25% response rates), but also helps develop strong, meaningful customer relationships. With the customer demographics and insight gained from the Big Momma back-office dashboard, it’s easy to improve the effectiveness of all the restaurant’s advertising and marketing, in addition to increasing the LTV (life-time value) of every new and existing customer.

In marketing today, with all the stimuli bombarding prospects, successful marketing is focusing on one-to-one relevance marketing to develop relationships beyond what other advertising can deliver, and Big Momma makes is easy from a single online platform.

The parent company, Image Printing, Inc., continues to be well ahead of the curve in technology, design, print and marketing. This really is the common denominator to the success of the Big Momma Program.

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