BigZpoon Introduces Digital Allergy & Nutrition Menus for Online Ordering

BigZpoon Introduces Digital Allergy & Nutrition Menus for Online Ordering

Personalized Allergen/Nutrition menus are helping restaurant guests with dietary restrictions to take fear out of buying food online

BigZpoon Introduces Digital Allergy & Nutrition Menus for Online OrderingFood Allergies is a serious public health issue.  According to Food Allergy and Research Foundation (, 32+ million Americans have food allergies, and the number is growing every year. Other types of Dietary Restrictions include religious restrictions, lifestyle choices or medical conditions. In addition, a growing number of health-conscious Americans want to get more accurate nutritional information about the food they buy from restaurants. When you sum it up, over 35% of restaurant guests are looking for allergen or nutrition information.

With the recent pandemic-induced surge in online ordering, the need for the availability of allergen or nutrition information in a digital format has increased substantially.  Many restaurants provide the information in static PDF formats that are challenging to interpret.  As a result, the restaurant guests with dietary restriction are never sure whether the food they are buying online fits their needs.

BigZpoon’s Personalized and Interactive Allergen/Nutrition Menu System, is a novel technology that takes the fear out of buying food online.  BigZpoon Founder & CEO, Sanjeev Ukhalkar, explains how it works: “Once the guests have entered their preferences, our AI driven software guides them to choose the right meal options by clearly marking the items and choices that fit their restrictions.  Further, our real-time nutrition calculator keeps accurate track of all nutritional details for chosen meal items and alerts the guest when the goals are exceeded.”

BigZpoon’s menu system is built in a way that it is an integral part of online food ordering process flow.  It can be an add-on to the restaurant’s existing ordering system or can be a stand-alone ordering system. Using this process flow, restaurant guests can efficiently place orders taking into account their unique set of dietary/food restrictions.  Delivery option is also available.

Many national restaurant chains like Red Robin, Smashburger, and Jason’s Deli are successfully using BigZpoon’s technology for quite some time.  There are Over 250K extremely happy active users benefiting from this service as evidenced by this statement from one of the users: “I LOVE the Nutrition selection you have! It’s amazing that I can easily find low carb no sugar foods! My whole family is low carb (Diabetic and Keto). This makes eating out so easy and less stressful. I’m telling everyone!

BigZpoon Inc., a Silicon Valley based B2B SaaS venture, is the leading provider of innovative food-ingredient based analysis technology solutions for restaurants and hospitality industries.  BigZpoon solutions help restaurants to enhance the experience of guest who have dietary restrictions or nutritional goals.  Solutions suite also includes online ordering, delivery management, marketing and CRM services.  For more information, please visit