Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza Reveals How People Will Blaze in 2020

Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza Reveals How People Will Blaze in 2020

Survey of More than 4,500 People Across the U.S. and Canada Paints an Optimistic Picture 

Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza Reveals How People Will Blaze in 2020How will you spend your free time in 2020? Focus on self-care, share more spicy memes or finally get your own Netflix account? Blaze Pizza, the recognized world leader in fast artisanal pizza, asked more than 4,500 people from across North America how they’ll change the game in 2020. Survey participants were given 25 answers to choose from, along with the option to write-in their own response when asked ‘How will you Blaze in 2020?’

The survey, which captured insights from people across all ages, revealed an optimistic picture:

  • Save the sweating for the gym, not the small stuff – Focusing on self-care and committing to working out were two of the top five ways people said they’d crush it in the new decade.
  • Don’t trip! Take one –Nearly 10 percent of respondents said they were looking forward to taking an unforgettable trip next year.
  • The Southern side hustle – The highest percentage of those who said they would ‘start a side hustle’ live in the South, with close to 4 percent ready to hustle their way into the new decade.
  • East Coasters Plan to Netflix and…Walk the Dog! – East Coast respondents overwhelmingly voted on both adopting a furry friend and FINALLY getting their own Netflix account.
  • Saying ‘Yes’ in the new decade – Alberta-area residents over-index by 50 percent when it comes to heading into 2020 with a ‘Say Yes’ mentality.
  • Ontario Omnivores – Compared to the rest of Canada, Ontario residents said they’d be more likely to ‘give a Vegetarian/Vegan diet a shot next year.’
  • Eat more pizza – As the second most popular survey response, guests told us that they plan to eat even more pizza in 2020. With a wide variety of Keto, gluten-free and plant-based options at Blaze, guests of almost any lifestyle, and with any New Year’s resolutions will find both indulgent and healthier choices to satisfy their cravings.

For those who wrote in their own answer, the highest percentage of respondents highlighted improving relationships, spending more time with family and having kindness as their 2020 north star, with more than 10 percent of write-ins highlighting those goals. Even valued Blaze ‘employee’ Ron (LeBron James) chimed in on Twitter, responding that he’ll continue to ‘Strive for Greatness’ in 2020.

“As a company known for blazing its own trail, we wanted to know how people plan to Blaze in 2020 in their own way, and on their own terms” said Kim Freer, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Blaze Pizza. “With a breadth of options – from our scratch-made original and gluten-free doughs, to our wildly popular Keto and Cauliflower crusts and a variety of plant-based options, such as spicy chorizo and vegan cheese – we’re here to high-five our fans with numerous ways to Blaze into 2020.”

Blaze Pizza is a modern day “pizza joint” serving up artisanal pizzas that are both fast and affordable. Guests can customize one of the many chef-driven Signature Pizzas or build their own, choosing from a wide selection of real ingredients. All restaurants make the original house-made dough from scratch daily, using just a few simple ingredients to create our signature crust. Pizza fans with specific dietary needs can enjoy gluten-free and Keto crusts, vegan cheese and plant-based spicy chorizo. Blaze pizzas can be ordered in-restaurant or online for carryout or delivery.

Blaze was recently named pizza “brand of the year” by the Harris Poll and “America’s favorite pizza chain” by Market Force Information in 2019. Previously ranked #1 “brand of the year” in the Fast Casual Top 100, the rapidly growing chain is backed by private equity firm Brentwood Associates and founding investors that include LeBron James, Maria Shriver, movie producer John Davis and Boston Red Sox co-owner Tom Werner.  For more information, visit or