Blazing Onion Burger partners with eTouchMenu for order and payment app

Blazing Onion Burger partners with eTouchMenu for order and payment app

Blazing Onion Burger will partner with eTouchMenu to launch an iPad app for guest-initiated order and payment.

“We have been searching for a company that will work with us on our vision,” Blazing Onion CEO David Jones said in a company press release. “It’s tough to find a partner willing to develop something that is out of the box when your company is so small.”

The app for the 6-unit chain will feature the full menu including alcohol, a social element, a paging system to summon a server, and a payment system that will allow guests to split checks. Guest registration will also remember previous orders.

“This is long overdue. We are excited to give our guests control of their service experience. Order your drinks when you sit down, order your food when you’re ready, order a second drink, order dessert and pay when ready without head turning for a server,” Jones said. “This will not replace guests interaction. We will still have Service Specialists assigned to sections to help make your dining experience wonderful.”

The first restaurant to launch the eTouchMenu system will be the Gig Harbor, Washington, location. The projected launch date is December of 2014.

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