Brand Growth Lessons From McDonald’s

Increasingly, upstart competitors are peeling off slices of a large brand’s customer segments  by creating strong value propositions and specific, deep emotional connections with those consumer niches.

So, what’s a larger, established brand to do?  How do you go about building a brand that provides a broad, deep umbrella to create and sustain emotional connections with many different segments?

We’ve been working with Motista, an emotional connection intelligence company, to seek answers to this question and others like it in the realm of consumer emotion.  Alan Zorfas and team at Motista kindly looked at data they’ve gathered in the quick service restaurant (QSR) category to see what we could learn.  For background, Motista gathered data on more than 50 of the most important functional and emotional connection points consumers can have with brands in the QSR space.

We specifically took a close look at McDonald’s emotional connection signature.  McDonald’s is seventh on Interbrand’s list of most valuable brands and is recognized as having built a brand with a broad umbrella.  But, what characterizes that umbrella vs. a typical QSR brand?

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