Breaking the curse of unlucky restaurant locations

Across South Florida, numerous locations stick out as unlucky addresses for restaurants — places with frequent turnover where nothing ever seems to stick.

Restaurant flops can be blamed on lousy food, overpriced food, shoddy service, a flawed concept, lack of cash, inadequate parking, poor management, an off-the-beaten-path location or some combination of missteps.

“The number one reason restaurants close is because they just don’t offer consumers a competitive difference, be it in food quality, service, price or overall experience,” said industry analyst Dean Haskell, a principal founder of National Retail Concept Partners. “When you look into why particular locations fail over and over, the biggest thing becomes difficulty of ingress and egress. How easy is it to find the restaurant, drive there, park and eat?”

But where other restaurants have failed, some restaurateurs see an opportunity — and the power to negotiate a favorable lease.

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