Bring Mamma to Aurelio’s Pizza for Mother’s Day

What says mamma more than pizza? According to lots of delighted Aurelio’s patrons who visit on Mother’s Day year after year, not much. The National Restaurant Association released a study showing 80 million Americans are expected to dine out on Mother’s Day – that’s a full quarter of us. In fact, Mother’s Day remains the most popular restaurant visiting day. And, with good reason – who in their right mind would make mom cook on Mother’s Day? That’s the kind of stunt that would make mom use your full God-given name for sure.

So, for all the Joshua Bryan’s and Jennifer Marie’s out there who would rather affectionately be referred to as Josh and Jen on Mother’s Day, if you haven’t already made plans, consider taking your mamma to Aurelio’s. She’ll love it. Lots of moms and moms of moms do. We’re a family-owned pizzeria chain and since 1959 Aurelio’s has been about honoring and celebrating families. Especially on Mother’s Day. Going back to our roots – we started with our family taking care of yours. Some of our long time patrons probably remember Joe Aurelio’s mother, Betty, who served as one of our most loved hostesses for 34 years.

Bring Mamma to Aurelio's Pizza for Mother's DayWhen you’re thinking about where to take your special mamma this Mother’s Day, check out Aurelio’s with menu items from pizza, to pasta, to salads – there’s something for every member of your family. Who knows, taking mom to Aurelio’s on Mother’s Day could even earn you most favorite kid status.


Bring Mamma to Aurelio's Pizza for Mother's Day