Burger and Ice Cream Lovers Rejoice Today

Burger and Ice Cream Lovers Rejoice Today

The Oberweis Group, Inc. announced the opening today of its new, innovative location in Skokie, Illinois. The first-of-its-kind concept store combines a classic Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy Store with That Burger Joint, the company’s new quick serve restaurant concept. The approximately 4,000 square foot location is at the corner of Dempster Street and Skokie Boulevard at 4811 West Dempster Street in Skokie, Illinois.

That Burger Joint enters the “better burger” segment with the highest quality, fresh (never frozen), all-natural Angus beef burgers produced from cattle certified as humanely raised and handled by the Humane Farm Animal Care organization. Additionally, consumers can enjoy all natural beef hot dogs and sandwiches made from fresh (never frozen) all-white-meat grilled chicken breasts that contain no artificial ingredients, colors or chemical preservatives. That Burger Joint’s French fries are hand-cut and made only from skin-on Idaho Russets potatoes. The menu for That Burger Joint was developed by selecting the best-tasting and highest quality ingredients available which led to simple and truly delicious choices for diners.

That Burger Joint is the result of Oberweis recognizing that their customers were also seeking great tasting, high quality quick service options to meet their casual dining needs. Delighting millions of happy customers annually at its now 49 ice cream and dairy stores located throughout the Midwest, Oberweis knows a few things about taste, quality and service. The company has been serving uncompromisingly great-tasting and high quality food since 1951 when Joe Oberweis, son of founder Peter Oberweis, opened Oberweis Dairy’s first store selling the now famous Oberweis milk in glass bottles and super premium ice cream treats.

Launching a distinctly branded offering in the “better burger” category was the best way to offer a meal with the best dessert in the world without complicating and confusing the identity of its long-established Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy Store brand. “That Burger Joint has a distinctly different personality than that of the Oberweis brand,” explained Joe Oberweis, President and CEO of The Oberweis Group, Inc. “At That Burger Joint, consumers will notice a playful edginess not present at Oberweis. We’ve taken great pains to ensure That Burger Joint looks and feels completely different from an Oberweis store but leverages the strengths for which the Oberweis brand is famous. The exterior and interior are show that visual distinction very sharply to drive the experience for our customers,” said Oberweis.

“Most importantly,” states Oberweis, “we’ve developed the best-tasting burger, chicken and fries currently being sold among all participants in this category. And we offer a great value with a double burger, regular fries and bottomless soft drinks or milk all for just $10. Further, That Burger Joint is that only place on the planet where you can get an Oberweis shake with your burger and fries! In fact, you can order any Oberweis ice cream fountain treat at That Burger Joint.”

A second That Burger Joint unit is slated to open in early 2013 at 515 Roosevelt Road in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. You can learn more by visiting their websites at http://www.tbjburgers.com or http://www.oberweis.com.