Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Double the Goodness with New Bacon Bacon Biscuit


Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s introduce a sizzling new addition to their lineup of Made from ScratchBiscuits that will satisfy any bacon lover’s morning craving. A breakfast sandwich with twice the goodness, the Bacon Bacon Biscuit features crispy bacon strips and a slice of Canadian bacon, along with American cheese and egg all served on a freshly baked, Made from Scratch buttermilk Biscuit. The Bacon Bacon Biscuit is available now at all Hardee’s restaurants and Carl’s Jr. locations that serve Made from Scratch Biscuits (excluding San Diego and Fresno restaurants).

“A lot of people love the taste of bacon so we are giving them more of what they love in the new Bacon Bacon Biscuit,” said Brad Haley, chief marketing officer at CKE Restaurants, parent company of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. “A throwback from Hardee’s’ 1980s-era Canadian Sunrise Biscuit, the Bacon Bacon Biscuit combines our signature Made from Scratch buttermilk Biscuits with both strips of good, old crispy American bacon, as well as a slice of grilled Canadian bacon. Throw on American cheese and eggs and it doesn’t get much better than that.”

The Bacon Bacon Biscuit starts at $2.29 and is also available as a combo with Hash Rounds and coffee, orange juice or a soft drink for $3.99. Prices may vary by location.

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