Caterquip Reveal (Probably) the 10 Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in the World

Caterquip Reveal (Probably) the 10 Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in the World

The Catering Equipment Company Have Researched and Profiled the Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants Around

Caterquip Reveal (Probably) the 10 Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in the World

Caterquip, the largest supplier of used, second-hand and refurbished catering equipment in the United Kingdom, have recently invested a lot of resources into identifying and profiling what they believe are the 10 best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the world.

The fruits of their labour are displayed in the form of a detailed article on their company website, which runs to over 2000 words of analysis, and provides an individual description of every restaurant on the list, outlining their histories, culinary styles, design schemes and house specialities.

The deeply-researched, highly-authoritative article has proved popular with regular readers of the blog, having already racked up hundreds of social shares just a few days after publication.

Caterquip decided to work on this project due to the rapid rise in veganism and vegetarianism over recent years having not been met by an increase in the supply of top-quality restaurants which satisfy the needs of those who follow plant-based diets.

There was, in fact, a shortage not just of premium quality, meat-free dining establishments, but also of information as to which are the best restaurants of this type around, meaning it even proved difficult for vegans and vegetarians to simply learn about places which could provide them with an exceptional quality, fine-dining experience.

Caterquip set out to supply this missing information in the form of their easily accessible, professionally written guide, which has been particularly well received so far.

Some initial feedback has included plant-based dieters thanking the company for identifying and bringing to light a number of world-renowned restaurants which they can seek to dine at, while the guide has even inspired several meat-eaters to develop a curiosity in vegan cuisine, and become tempted to indulge in vegetable-based food during the near future, because of how appetising the featured restaurants appeared to be.

Caterquip are the largest suppliers of used, refurbished, reconditioned and second-hand catering equipment in the United Kingdom. Over the course of their 20+ years in business, they have generated hundreds of satisfied customers, ranging from household-name fast food restaurants to celebrity chefs, holiday resorts and fine dining establishments.

Caterquip believe their success as a business comes from their excellent customer service, allied to their ability to provide high quality catering equipment at up to 60% off the usual retail prices, while offering at least a 3 month warranty on everything they sell.