[Cheese] Curd Nerds Rejoice on October 15

[Cheese] Curd Nerds Rejoice on October 15

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Celebrate National Cheese Curd Day

[Cheese] Curd Nerds Rejoice on October 15Culver’s, the Wisconsin-based restaurant chain known for championing Cheese Curds, created a list of the 10 things to know before celebrating National Cheese Curd Day on Sunday, October 15.

  • Cheese Curds are an essential product of the cheese making process. Before cheeses like cheddar are formed and aged, they start out as curds.
  • Cheese Curds are commonly enjoyed fresh or deep-fried.
  • Fresh Cheese Curds are often known for squeaking, which is a sign of freshness.
  • When fried, like they are at Culver’s, little chunks of yellow and white Wisconsin cheddar are breaded and deep-fried golden brown for a warm, buttery crunch with an ooey-gooey center.
  • A Curd Nerd is an affectionate term for a Cheese Curd lover who isn’t afraid to be cheesy and show their curd love.
  • Curdis the Curd Nerd is the ultimate champion of cheddar and official Cheese Curd mascot.
  • One lucky guest will win free Cheese Curds for a year by entering Culver’s Life’s Better with Cheddar Sweepstakes happening October 2–29, 2017. Daily prizes include Curdis plush toys and free Cheese Curd coupons.
  • Finding a heart-shaped Cheese Curd means you’ll have good luck (or at least that’s what we believe).
  • No matter which of Culver’s over 630 restaurants you visit, the Cheese Curds taste the same. Why? They all come from the same dairy in curd country A.K.A La Grander Hillside Dairy in Stanley, Wisconsin. Learn more here.
  • While many believe Cheese Curds should be celebrated every day, in 2015 Culver’s officially proclaimed October 15 as National Cheese Curd Day.

“We’ve always nerded out over our love for Cheese Curds and have a lot of fun bringing our favorite Midwestern delicacy to guests all over the country,” said Julie Fussner, vice president of marketing at Culver’s. “Whether you’re a Curd Nerd like us or looking to have your first curd experience, we hope you’ll celebrate with us on National Cheese Curd Day.”

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