Chef Unveils Innovative, Cost Saving Tool for Restaurant Operations

Designed for the food industry, the Dura-Cradle will hold any size conical strainer. It is made of heavy gauge stainless steel and will extend the life of any strainer to allow 100% usage of that device. It has so many uses, you’ll wonder how you managed without one for so long.

The designer of the Dura-Cradle has over 30 years of restaurant experience as well as a degree in the Culinary Arts. He has experienced everything from fast food to fine dining as well as intimate dining, and large scale banquets and catering. After many years of frustration of working with broken strainers, he set out to come up with a better idea. Due to his hard work and dedication, the Dura-Cradle was created and it worked! From the initial design, it became so much more and continues to evolve today.


Let’s face it, chinois and china caps break at the handles and hooks, always. It is either a pain to use them or you have to buy new ones as it ultimately slows down your production and creates safety issues. The benefits you will experience are numerous and will increase as the custom attachments are currently being produced. It will hold any size conical strainer and allows double duty performance (china cap inside a chinois), acts as a third hand, and can turn a two man operation into a one man operation. Strain fine sauces, consumme, stocks, even hot oil from fryers with ease. It can even hold a Food Mill for more stable performance. The Dura-Cradle enhances the performance of fully functional stainers as well as broken ones.


By utilizing its patented shape with three points of contact instead of two, the Dura-Cradle allows a chef to more safely and securely strain sauces, stocks, and oil, if used properly. No more burnt thumbs, fingers, or feet! No more slippery oil and liquids on the floor. Reduce the time-consuming clean-up and potential Workmen’s Compensation claims.


Chef Unveils Innovative, Cost Saving Tool for Restaurant OperationsWhen used properly, the Dura-Cradle will increase productivity and efficiency by significantly reducing the time it takes to strain fine sauces, stocks, consommes, soups, and hot oil. Its uses can increase depending on your operation. You are guaranteed to keep more money in house by reducing smallwares expenses and extend the life of your expensive strainers. Consistent use of the Dura-Cradle can literally save you hundreds to thousands of dollars a year in labor alone! Here are some quick true numbers: Use it just once a day and save 15 minutes, 6 days a week. That’s 72 hours a year – using $11 as the average hourly culinary pay – That comes to $792 a year! Which is about 10 times your investment. That’s just once a day – but you will use it more than that!

Save money and time. Increase production and safety. The new DURA-CRADLE from Austin Food Service Accessories, LLC, does all that and more. Use it just once a day and save up to $800 a year in labor alone. You will use it much more. Plus it comes with a lifetime warranty. Save and enhance your Chinois and China Caps, increase your bottom line and reduce work comp claims.  It’s a Win-Win.

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