ChefCharger Turns Tabletop Items and Accessories into Stylish Charging Devices

ChefCharger Turns Tabletop Items and Accessories into Stylish Charging DevicesChefCharger Turns Tabletop Items and Accessories into Stylish Charging DevicesEating out at restaurants and cafes is an essential part of everyday life. Excellent food and service complemented with tech innovations is a standard of the restaurant industry nowadays. Technology has completely revolutionized the dining experience. From booking a reservation online to paying with a smartphone app, the dining experience is filled with digital innovations. Patrons’ electronic devices are always on and ready to enhance their engagement in the dining experience.

However, smartphone battery life is too short to allow patrons to stay online all the time. In today’s tech-reliant world customers don’t feel that a dying battery is an excuse to get off the phone until the next recharge. And a bulky powerbank is not a solution—a piece of plastic flashing on the table might ruin the magic of the dining experience.

ChefCharger has a solution to this dilemma. ChefCharger, an MIT-based company, offers stylish options for charging patrons’ electronic devices at restaurants and bars. The ChefCharger products look like any other decorative or functional piece of the table setup but doable as chargers. Restaurants and bars can put these stylish little devices out on the tables and counters for patrons to use. They’re gorgeous and also serve an actual purpose–whether as a coaster, salt and pepper shaker holder, or candle holder.

What makes ChefCharger different from other companies is that their devices fit perfectly into any restaurant décor. Lana Ibragimova, ChefCharger’s CEO, says, “We know how important every element in a restaurant is and how much effort proprietors put into creating the authentic atmosphere. For this reason we make any charging device beautiful. Moreover, we are ready to offer restaurants and bars custom designs to accentuate the unique dining environment.” We are passionate about art and beauty in everything. Atmosphere is still of the utmost importance. Technology should not be intrusive. It should be disguised to make the dining experience as organic as possible.

People like to be in touch at all times. They should be able to call Uber, reach out to family and friends at any time, and share details of their lives via social media using their phones or other devices without worrying about the battery.

The ChefCharger team believes it should be as easy to charge phones at a bar or restaurant as it is to get a drink of water. In fact, they think that it should be expected. People would like to have an opportunity to charge their phones while they are dining. Restaurants are becoming the “third place” after home and work. The business can’t ignore patrons’ need to juice up their dead phones.

The ChefCharger devices are a win-win solution for patrons and restaurant owners.

Our technology turns traditional tabletop items into chargers that allow patrons to charge their phones on their tables while enjoying their meals without having to ask a server to find a wall plug nearby.

During rush hours the last thing a server wants to do is to deal with charging phones for guests. Installing the ChefCharger devices in restaurants frees servers from having to “babysit” patrons’ phones charging behind the bar. Making phone charging available for guests helps businesses attract and retain customers and keeps them coming back.

Fraunces Tavern, the iconic New York restaurant, was the first place to put Colonial-style wooden salt and pepper shaker holders with charging facility on their tables. You can see ChefCharger devices at other bars and restaurants around Manhattan. The restaurant owners are excited to adopt the innovation and improve guest experience. They are sure that guests who can charge phones while dining may extend their visits and order more. Besides, patrons are happy and more relaxed if they do not have to worry about a near-dead phone.

ChefCharger Turns Tabletop Items and Accessories into Stylish Charging DevicesChefChargers (candle holders, salt and pepper holders, drink coasters, flower pots, and table ad stands) are waterproof, safe, and eco-friendly.

The ChefCharger products only work with the special charging stations, which will discourage theft.

The ChefCharger devices can also be customized with logos and text for any business.

ChefCharger is an integrated solution specially developed for restaurants, bars, and cafes to ensure compliance with all the requirements. The design of the devices (including custom designs) will complement the dining environment of any restaurant. ChefCharger is offering a solution in which art and technology come along.

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