ClearCOGS Unveils ChatGPT AI Operations Manager Live in Las Vegas

ClearCOGS Unveils ChatGPT AI Operations Manager Live in Las Vegas

First look at the new technology to take place at MURTEC 2023 convention

ClearCOGS has announced that their AI Operations Manager, a new chat-based tool for restaurants to gain control of their operations, will be officially unveiled at MURTEC 2023 (Multi Unit Restaurant Technology Convention). The AI Ops Manager is powered by ChatGPT and it sits on top of both historical and forecasted data to allow restaurants a full past and future look at their business. This product offers a new way for restaurant operators or managers to find solutions to their day-to-day challenges and ask the questions that need immediate answers.

“We’ve had the AI Ops Manager vision for a while,” says Matt Wampler, CEO at ClearCOGS. “We’re able to execute that vision much faster by employing ChatGPT tech.”

Since the start of the company, ClearCOGS has been using AI to do restaurant demand forecasting. By accessing the data that already exists, they can generate detailed and accurate predictions on what to expect from each upcoming shift. This is crucial information for restaurants who, on average, have razor thin margins. What this new ChatGPT feature will do is allow restaurateurs access to vital information at pivotal decision points. “What’s really exciting is not just that it’s a translation layer,” says Matt, “but it’s able to add value to the data.”

ClearCOGS states that the system will be able to answer questions as general as, “How was business last week?” and as specific as, “How many plain bagels should I bake today?”

The ClearCOGS AI Operations Manager will be unveiled on March 6, at the MURTEC convention. For more information on the AI Ops Manager, visit

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