CMI Will Invest $1.8 Billion in the Next 3 Years

CMI Will Invest $1.8 Billion in the Next 3 Years

The corporation invests in innovation, technology, and job generation to promote economic growth as part of its agreement with the countries in which it operates.

CMI Will Invest $1.8 Billion in the Next 3 YearsTo reaffirm its commitment to sustainable development impacting the 16 countries where it operates and as part of its investment plan for the next three years, Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI) will invest roughly $1.8 billion that will be used for job creation, infrastructure improvement, innovation and social projects.

From this amount, $480 million will be used for projects in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.  

“Guided by our purpose to feed the world to fill it with wellness, we are proud to tell this news that impacts positively to the economics of the countries where we operate, to our company and all our value chain,” José Gregorio Baquero, CEO of CMI Foods. “Today, we share with the public the biggest investment that CMI has made in all its history — a result of the effort of more than 40 thousand collaborators that are part of this big family.”

According to Baquero, this investment strengthens the company’s value chain in infrastructure, technology, innovation and sustainability. CMI strengthens its capacities in competitive markets and environments.

With this investment, CMI will promote its products and services and add new jobs to give people new opportunities for development and wellness.

CMI Foods will expand its protein business in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras with the opening of new poultry fattening farms. It will also assign resources to help grow its recognized brands in the Central America region and Mexico, like Pollo Campero, Pollo Granjero, Don Pollo, and Pizza Siciliana. With an investment of almost $190 million in the United States, Pollo Campero anticipates opening more than 100 new restaurants.

Meanwhile, CMI Capital will continue generating impact investments that promote sustainable development, with an investment estimated of $790 million.

“Our investments in business in renewable energies will allow us to continue expanding our presence in Central America and reach new geographies in Latin America, consolidate us in the region like a bigger private platform and allow us to diversify geographically and technologically,” said Enrique Crespo, CEO of CMI Capital. “Invest in renewable energies contribute to decarbonizing the energetic matrixes, avoiding the issue of approximately 1 million 685 thousand tons of CO2 to the environment annually.”

Sustainable Development with a Positive Impact

With sustainable investments, CMI will strengthen its strategy with attention to three priorities: nutrition, environment and development programs.

Regarding the environment, it plans to address water use, waste management and climate change. In the last eight years, CMI Foods has avoided the emission of more than 125 thousand tons of CO2.

“We will continue investing to developing the geographies in which we have a presence like we have done for more than 100 years, with the most high-quality standards, respect to human rights and a strong commitment to the care, protection and conservation of the environment,” said Crespo.

“With this historical investment, we reaffirm our commitment to the region, creating opportunities that promote sustainable development with impacts on people, families and communities and consolidate, as a fundamental actor, for the promotion of sustainable development, food security and economic growth,” said Baquero.