Common New Management Mistakes to Avoid

Common New Management Mistakes to AvoidBeing a new bar or restaurant manager can be exciting, but it’s also a little scary! With so many new responsibilities, most people make a mistake or two along the way. However, by checking out the following tips, you can make sure you avoid some of the most common pitfalls of new managers.

1. Not getting to know employees.

Your employees are the heart of your bar or restaurant, so it’s important to get to know them. You need to talk to and work with your team members to find out what their individual strengths and weaknesses are. Getting to know your employees will also help them trust you. This means they’re much more likely to work efficiently and come to you when they have a problem.

2. Trying to do everything yourself.

As a new manager you have a lot of responsibility, but that doesn’t mean you can do everything by yourself. It’s important to delegate tasks to your employees. This can be especially hard if you were promoted from within; it may be tempting to hold onto your old tasks while still performing your new tasks. This is a recipe for burnout, and employees may feel like you don’t trust them. Once you get to know your team members and figure out their strengths, you’ll know which tasks you can delegate.

3. Not discussing goals with your team.

Don’t assume that everyone in your bar or restaurant is on board with your goals. Everyone, from servers to bartenders to cooks, should know what your priorities are.

4. Changing everything.

You might want to put your stamp on everything as a new manager, but be careful. Before you make a change, think about whether you’re doing it to show your power or because you really think it will help your bar or restaurant. Some things in your business may actually be perfect the way they are! There’s no use in wasting time or money changing things just to prove that you can.

5. Not changing anything.

On the flip side, you shouldn’t feel like you can’t change anything. As a new manager, you might feel nervous or uncomfortable about making changes. Just remember that the person who hired you felt you could do this job! Trust your judgment and, if you think a change is necessary, go ahead and make it.

6. Not fixing problems (or problem employees).

It’s easy to look the other way when a problem pops up. Maybe it’s a bad review, a common customer complaint, or an employee who isn’t pulling his/her weight. No matter what the problem is, ignoring it won’t make it go away. As a manager, it’s your job to take care of problems before they turn into major crises.

Although your new responsibilities might seem overwhelming, just keep these tips in mind and you can avoid some of the most common new management mistakes!

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