Curbit Brings Kitchen Intelligence to Takeout

Curbit Brings Kitchen Intelligence to Takeout

Test with Tocaya proves turnkey system dramatically improves pick-up times, guest satisfaction

Curbit Brings Kitchen Intelligence to Takeout Tocaya Organica, a 20-unit fast-casual brand based in Los Angeles, was looking for a way to improve the accuracy of their pick-up times to ensure fresher food and a better guest experience.

Due to the steep increase in demand for takeout, quote time accuracy has become an industry challenge. Orders are often left to cool on counters and guests are waiting longer than promised for their food.

Tocaya realized that ready-time expectations would continue to be unreliable unless there was visibility into their kitchen. That’s when they turned to Curbit, a turnkey system that integrates real-time kitchen intelligence into digital operations.

“Measuring real-time kitchen capacity and speed of service are business critical for a successful off-premise strategy and enjoyable pick-up experience,” said Curbit CEO Scott Siegel.

At Tocaya, orders were completed on average 11 minutes ahead of promise times. With the help of Curbit’s real-time integration, ready-time expectations soon reflected current kitchen capacity. During testing, promise times were consistently within 60 seconds of actual ready times and customers received food that was fresh and hot.

“We conducted a three-restaurant pilot in which Curbit was able to leverage the intelligence from our existing kitchen systems to help us provide a more seamless, connected commerce experience,” said Harald Herrmann, CEO of One Table Restaurant Brands, parent company of Tocaya. “Our guests are happier and our kitchens are running more efficiently. We’re excited to expand the rollout to the rest of our restaurants.”

“Maximizing loyalty not only means picking up fresh food with minimal wait time but ensuring our digital channels are always open for business,” added Matt Smith, CMO of One Table Restaurant Brands. “We are now positioned to cultivate deeper relationships with more guests because of the consistency Curbit has brought to our digital channels coupled with our ability to provide real-time, automated text updates on order status.”

Curbit is a software solution that connects restaurant kitchen systems in real-time with a platform of services that include Quote time management; Real-time order progress via SMS messaging; Order sequencing; and Virtual drive-thrus. Curbit is rapidly growing with emerging and enterprise brands throughout the United States.  For more information, please visit