D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches Serves Up New Menu, Bold Flavors and Customization

D'Angelo Grilled Sandwiches Serves Up New Menu, Bold Flavors and Customization

D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches officially released its new menu with customized sandwiches, bolder flavor profiles and new specialty sandwiches – highlighting D’Angelo’s quality, freshly grilled menu items. D’Angelo’s new menu appeals to its core customers and new millennial audience, which favors customized sandwiches, bolder flavors and high-quality ingredients. For the first time in franchise history, chicken will be offered as a main ingredient in D’Angelo’s 12 signature and specialty sandwiches.

D’Angelo’s new chef Andre Fuehr created eight new flavor profiles which join perennial favorites like the Number 9 and DA Bomb. The broader spectrum of flavors includes Chipotle, Asian Teriyaki and Greek, expanding D’Angelo’s overall appeal to new customers.

“We realize that today’s younger customers have grown up with the Food Network Channel and expect bolder, customized sandwiches,” said Pete Bell, Chief Marketing Officer at D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches. “New Englanders have many choices for fast casual lunch and dinner options and now D’Angelo offers an array of flavorful fresh grilled sandwiches options with beef or chicken that appeal to all customers.”

D’Angelo’s new menu board offers customers a series of choices from traditional sandwiches like the Thanksgiving Toasted to freshly grilled hot sandwiches such as the signature Number 9 or specialty Asian Teriyaki stuffed with 100 percent sirloin steak or grilled chicken breast. The new menu board also offers a build your own cold sandwich which takes customers through 5 steps (meat, cheese, toppings, spread and sauces and bread) to build fresh, made-to-order sandwiches. Customers can now build the exact sandwich they crave and try new flavor combinations that cannot be found at other sandwich shops. In addition D’Angelo will round out its offerings with lighter fares including salads, soups and wraps.

“We want our customers to come into D’Angelo and order sandwiches that appeal to their individual taste buds,” said Andre Fuehr, Executive Chef for D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches. “Our new signature and specialty sandwiches and Build Your Own options focus on quality, bolder enticing flavors and choices.”

Customers walking into D’Angelo will immediately notice D’Angelo’s new LCD Menu boards highlighting new sandwiches and deals, as well as irreverent team member t-shirts. The t-shirts sport sayings like “microwaves kill sandwiches’ and ‘built on sandwiches’ – focusing on D’Angelo’s commitment to providing fresh, grilled and made-to-order sandwiches.

D’Angelo is also introducing a new tagline, “Think With Your Stomach,” which sets the tone for D’Angelo’s new ad campaign. The campaign will use traditional and social media to attract the younger Millennial audience. The provocative messaging challenges people to focus on ingredient quality by performing “sandwich interventions,” in which concerned friends, family members and co-workers implore loved ones to avoid falling prey to “steak out of a warming tray” or “subs out of a microwave.”

This fall, D’Angelo’s ad agency, Allen & Gerritsen, will hold “Tweet & Meats” where they will hand out samples, “Think With Your Stomach” t-shirts and coupons, and provide opportunities for participants to create their own sandwich intervention messages on a green-screen that they will be able to find, download, and share socially via the new http://www.sandwichintervention.com microsite.