Diner Connection introduces integrated customer feedback

Moxie Software announces the industry’s first integrated customer feedback in their award winning Diner Connection front of house restaurant software.

The integrated feedback allows the restaurant to send automated messages to their customers after they have visited the restaurant.  The customer can then visit a personalized feedback form on their mobile device and answer questions about their visit.  The restaurant is then notified in real time that feedback is available.  Since the feedback is integrated with Diner Connection, the restaurant knows who the feedback is from, when they dined, where they sat, and how long they waited for their table.

Restaurants can start using the integrated feedback with Diner Connection today.  By closing the loop on customer feedback, we give Diner Connection restaurants the ability to manage their guest experience from before they even walk in the door until after they have left.  This technology reduces the barriers of traditional feedback mechanisms.

We have seen the number of customers leaving feedback increase exponentially, says Geoffrey Simpson, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Moxie Software.  Compared to traditional comment cards and survey requests on the bottom of receipts, providing customers the ability to give feedback immediately and without effort on their part lends to more honest and timely feedback for the restaurant.

Diner Connection can be up and ready for your restaurant in less than 5 minutes. Visit http://www.DinerConnection.com to sign up for a free 30 day trial.

Diner Connection is a product of Moxie Software http://www.MoxieSoftware.com.

For more information contact Shawna Simpson at 918-409-0757 or shawna@DinerConnection.com.

Diner Connection introduces integrated customer feedback