Dining Alliance Partners with TableBoost to Reduce Costs for Restaurants

Dining Alliance Partners with TableBoost to Reduce Costs for RestaurantsTableBoost, an equipment management marketplace for food service businesses is pleased to announce its partnership with Dining Alliance which is the largest Group Purchase Organization (GPO) for restaurants in North America and part of the Buyers Edge Platform. Both TableBoost and Dining Alliance focus on reducing costs for small, independent restaurants, and their respective offerings are free for restaurants.

The partnership provides significant savings at a time in history when the restaurant industry is in turmoil and most establishments must reduce their costs in order to survive.

“The TableBoost app helps restaurants save up to 25% of the cost of managing their equipment (e.g. preventative maintenance, emergency repairs, and purchases),” says TableBoost CEO and Co-Founder Tim Collins. “We are so proud to be a partner of Dining Alliance and Buyers Edge Platform who have a great reputation for providing significant cost savings via their group purchasing contracts, technology offerings and supply chain expertise.Together our companies are helping our small, independent restaurant clients lower their costs so that they can survive and thrive into the future.”

Sean Donahue, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Buyers Edge Platform said, “We believe that all Dining Alliance members can reap additional cost savings by utilizing the TableBoost app to manage their equipment.TableBoost users will likewise benefit from the wide variety of savings opportunities that Dining Alliance offers to operators on products and services they use to operate their business.”

TableBoost is a free facilities management marketplace app for food service companies that can significantly reduce the costs associated with repair, maintenance and purchase of equipment. TableBoost creates an inventory of equipment and systems, and then automates the service and purchase process, eliminating the time and hassle of finding the best service providers, scheduling repairs and maintenance, getting competitive price quotes and keeping equipment working properly.To learn more, go to tableboost.com or email info@tableboost.com.

Dining Alliance is the country’s largest food service GPO that delivers savings, quality and simplicity to restaurant purchasing.Dining Alliance partnered with Pepsi twenty+ years ago and has grown the purchasing group to include dozens of contracts with providers of grocery items, specialty items, meat, seafood, bread, dairy, payment processing services, cellular and data services, employee perk programs, restaurant technology, restaurant supplies and more. All of these vendor partnerships are driven by feedback from their 45,000 independent restaurant members in all 50 states with a purchasing power of more than $12 Billion.To learn more, visit diningalliance.com.