Dirty Birds Launches New Sauce Line

Dirty Birds Launches New Sauce Line

Local Wing Stop Dips into Online Market

Dirty Birds Launches New Sauce LineAward-winning Dirty Birds Bar and Grill has cooked up a line of sauces that are now available for purchase, not only in any of their five San Diego sports bar locations, but online through their website as well.

With its roots deeply planted in family tradition and a passion for the community, Dirty Birds has answered the call from customers who have been asking to buy their grilling and dipping sauces since they opened their first brick and mortar location in Pacific Beach in 2008.

“Now everyone can enjoy the same irresistible flavors we serve at our restaurant in their own homes and kitchens, says managing Partner Adam Jacoby. “Let the creativity fly!”

Family-owned Dirty Birds boasts a combined 60+ years’ experience in the food industry, putting them at the top of the pecking order when it comes to crafting mouthwatering dipping and grilling sauces.

Dirty Birds Launches New Sauce Line

Dirty Bird Sauces are available in six unique flavors, offering a variety of heat and sweet levels. Their Dirty Ranch Sauce, for example, features the flavors of classic buffalo and creamy ranch, brought together to give the perfect balance of cool, then heat. Another popular flavor is their PMP Warrior sauce, celebrating a sweet and spicy blend of red jalapeno sauce with a touch of honey. A portion of the proceeds from all PMP Warrior sales will benefit SOMBFAB (Some Of My Best Friends Are Bald), a peer support group for teens and their siblings affected by cancer.

Dirty Bird Sauces offer endless options for home cooks to bring their creations to life, both for entertaining, and to give the everyday meal a new flavor kick. Grilling steaks, chicken and seafood with Dirty Bird’s diverse selection of sauces will inspire even the most novice chef. Even just as they are, Dirty Bird Sauces are great “go-to” dipping sauces for veggies, meats of all kinds… and wings, of course!

Sauces can be ordered online through their website at https://dirtybirdsauces.com and at any of their restaurant locations.