Donatos Adds Ultimate Grilled Cheese Pizza to its Signature Menu

Donatos Adds Ultimate Grilled Cheese Pizza to its Signature Menu

Premium toppings abound on comfort food craver’s delight

Donatos Adds Ultimate Grilled Cheese Pizza to its Signature MenuKnown for piling fresh, premium toppings Edge to Edge on its famous thin crust pizzas for over 58 years, Donatos is excited to announce the newest mouth-watering addition to its signature pizza lineup with the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Pizza available in all of its traditional locations.

Combining two of the top choices on nearly every list of best comfort foods, the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Pizza is loaded with premium ingredients starting with smoked Provolone cheese, Asiago cheese, hardwood smoked bacon, fresh Roma tomatoes, roasted garlic and then topped with bread crumbs toasted to perfection on the brand’s famous thin crust.

“When it comes to comfort food, grilled cheese and pizza have always been at the top of the list,” said Donatos CEO Tom Krouse. “Our menu innovation team has done a great job of taking two of the biggest food trends of the year – comfort foods and mashups – and transforming these two cravable foods into a delicious pizza made with premium ingredients that we can’t wait for people to try.”

“Whether it’s trying something new for lunch or dinner or ordering for a late-night snack, this pizza has something for everyone from pizza lovers to cheese lovers to foodies,” Krouse added.  “This is comfort food with a unique and flavorful twist.”

The addition of the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Pizza, which will only be available for a limited time, adds new variety to the Donatos menu that includes oven-baked subs and wings, fresh salads, appetizers, and desserts in addition to the brand’s featured product – pizza.  As an added convenience, all menu items are available for pick-up and delivery as well as to dine in.

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