During Challenging Times, Texans Are Turning to Comfort Food

During Challenging Times, Texans Are Turning to Comfort Food

During Challenging Times, Texans Are Turning to Comfort Food

As Texans heed warnings about social distancing and stay at home directives, more and more are seeking comfort through food. According to Psychology Today, people tend to associate certain foods with social gatherings, family, and people taking care of us.

In the last two weeks, Texas Dairy Queen (TDQ) has seen an increase in orders for treats such as Blizzards and chocolate dipped cones as well as comfort food like chicken strips and steak finger baskets and the popular Hungr-Buster.

“Our customers are taking comfort in the treats and eats they grew up enjoying,” said Lou Romanus, CEO of the Texas Dairy Queen Operators’ Council.  “We’ve been bringing joy into Texas communities for more than 70 years. They know we’re here for the community.  Together, we’ll get through this difficult period.”

TDQ restaurants are committed to serve communities primarily for essential workers who are tapped to keep businesses open across the state of Texas. Texas Dairy Queen’s continue to offer its menu via drive-thru windows, pick-up and take-out, as well as delivery and online ordering where available, at its nearly 600 locations.

“During this challenging time, we are waiting on customers who are working long hours and don’t have time to shop or cook,” said Romanus. “We are also seeing Texans seeking out Dairy Queen’s iconic menu which we attribute to nostalgic eating. Because of their emotional ties to Dairy Queen, they are seeking out certain foods that bring them comfort.”

TDQ restaurants have been ensuring guest’s and employees’ safety by enhancing their already stringent sanitation requirements with even more frequent cleanings of equipment and service areas. TDQ Operators have refined their processes to more efficiently serve fans in the drive-thru as well as accommodate take-out orders while the dining rooms are closed.

TDQ’s are all owned by entrepreneurs who are working hard to keep their restaurants open throughout the state.

There are few brands as iconic as the DQ brand. Innovative DQ treats and eats, along with the unique DQ restaurant concepts, have positioned Texas Dairy Queen as a leader in the quick service restaurant industry. Texas Dairy Queen is comprised of 154 franchisees with nearly 600 locations across Texas. For more information, visit dqtexas.com or follow TDQ on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.