East Coast Wings & Grill Opens at University of North Carolina Greensboro

Enjoying a quick bite to eat while in between classes or catching up on the latest sports highlights just got easier for University of North Carolina Greensboro students and faculty, with the opening of the newest East Coast Wings & Grill location in the business district adjacent to UNCG.

The “University” East Coast Wings & Grill prototype, or “The U”, as the students named it, is located at 338 Tate St. and will cater to the more than 17,500 students on the Greensboro campus, as well as the academic staff and the residents in the immediate area.

The first-of-its-kind location will offer the typical variety of chicken wings, burgers and sandwiches offered at traditional East Coast Wings & Grill restaurants. However, the “University” location will feature additional televisions to view sporting events, as well as a dedicated area for takeout orders.

East Coast Wings & Grill Opens at University of North Carolina Greensboro“The ‘University’ prototype gives us the perfect opportunity to introduce a new demographic to our 75 delicious buffalo wing flavors,” said CEO Sam Ballas. “Our wings are already a family favorite across the Carolinas, and we are confident that they’re going to become a staple at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.”

The UNCG location will focus much of its attention on takeout orders catering to the students “on-the-go” mentality.

“While East Coast Wings & Grill is already an active and integral part of the Greensboro area, our new location will serve as a tremendous opportunity to reinforce our community commitment and build a relationship with the University community,” Ballas said.

This prototype will serve as a model for the other university locations that East Coast Wings & Grill plans on opening across the country. The company anticipates the next locations to open in Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The “University” locations will feature a flexible footprint accommodating any space between 2500 and 5000 square feet. For more information on East Coast Wings & Grill, visit www.eastcoastwingsfranchise.com.

East Coast Wings & Grill, a fast growing casual dining buffalo wing concept, has 23 operating locations, 6 currently in construction, and 60 plus sold locations throughout the Southeast. The franchise not only caters to the chicken wing lover by offering 75 different flavors of jumbo chicken wings in nine heat indexes, but also serves salads, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, ribs and more, all using fresh not frozen ingredients.