Eatery Pulse News Launches in D.C., Debuts Video Competition for Anchor Selection, Readies Restaurant Industry Crowdfunding Campaign

Eatery Pulse News Launches in D.C., Debuts Video Competition for Anchor Selection, Readies Restaurant Industry Crowdfunding Campaign
Photo Credit: Matt Jones

Eatery Pulse News, an online, all-digital video news network for restaurateurs in the D.C. area will debut January 2017, having already filmed its first video. The trade-oriented online network will include a news show, digital magazine and a career & networking platform, and cover local news, insights, industry analysis and best practices after its news anchors are selected through a new competition on social media.

“We just completed filming the competition, which is expected to be shared thousands of times online and on YouTube after its release in a few weeks,” says Rick Zambrano, the network’s producer. “It’s such a critical time for restaurants as we reach critical mass, and we see increased competition from convenience stores, grocery stores and virtual restaurants. We’re building a toolkit of information and resources that restaurateurs can access on nearly any smart device.”

Accelerating the pace of a new, fresh, focused trade news source for the restaurant industry

The competition is made possible through an agreement with a local talent agency, Hbf. Hbf will manage the quest to choose the perfect anchors for the news show for restaurateurs, while a crowdfunding and private-raise campaign takes place.

The D.C. area was the perfect place to launch the new crowdfunded business, as its support for entrepreneurship and food businesses runs deep. It is a place where restaurateurs understand the critical synergy between smart business practices and culinary innovation. The network will use the estimated $100,000 in total initial contributions by February 2017 for the benefit of local restaurateurs in the D.C. area:

“We saw a lot of opportunity in the D.C.-area, with its recently gained accolades, recognition in the culinary and food business circles and its addition to the prestigious Michelin Guide,” adds Zambrano. “With this new era, it was a chance to give back to hard-working restaurateurs in the form of regular news & insights, thread with robust analytical insights and in an all-digital, cohesive, chronological format.”

The Eatery Pulse News Network comprises

  • season One of an online video news show, developing into a cable-ready program in 2018;
  • a digital monthly magazine; and
  • a career and networking platform for D.C. restaurateurs, bartenders and managers.

Highly meaningful topics headlined by insights into mobile POS

The much-anticipated news show and digital magazine will be a popular source of restaurant trade media news for the DMV (D.C.-Maryland-Virginia), expanding to include Mid-Atlantic coverage in 2017.  A news app and career & networking platform will be added in the second half of 2017, including industry-related events. A recent calendar reset and partner support allows the venture to add additional business and be economically robust by mid-2017.

“It’s a highly-collaborative project and this is a reason the news network is gaining the momentum it has,” notes Zambrano. “Crowdfunding and networking has helped many food businesses get their start; engaging our allies and my own network will help us reach our goals.

Restaurateurs all across D.C. and the region will benefit from trade-oriented news that can’t be found on other local channels, and the addition of a talent agency will ensure it information comes to life in a dynamic, energetic and visually-appealing manner. Season One: “Disruption. Provenance” will include highly-meaningful topics, including IoRT, the latest culinary & dining trends, mobile POS, restaurant reservations, concept design and reputation management.

The upcoming media kit and competition will highlight the ways industry purveyors, advertisers, experts, consultants and restaurant executives can collaborate on this project. They can also email the start-up team at

Eatery Pulse signals the debut of a restaurant industry news network in video format, accompanied by an informative, stylish, digital magazine for the D.C. area. The all-digital news network will cover cutting-edge news topics, best practices and hyper-local D.C.-area trends comprising technology, including mobile and IoRT, culinary trends and insights, marketing & social media, operations, and new concept design. The project is headed by Rick Zambrano, who is a trend analyst, entrepreneur and management consultant for foodservice operators and small businesses in the DMV (D.C.-Md.-Va.) market. Zambrano’s experiences in the corporate realm of restaurants and food retailing, including publishing, writing, editing, research and financial analysis, bode well for the media venture.