Fats, Oils and Grease Program Helps Restaurants Dispose Grease Waste More Efficiently and Cost Effectively

A new service from National Waste Associates (NWA) is helping food service establishments nationwide to dispose of used and unwanted fats, oils and grease (FOG) more efficiently and cost effectively than before.

National Waste Associates’ Waste Management Program for Fats, Oils and Grease offers a fast and thorough way to tackle what is a messy and challenging disposal issue for restaurants and food outlets, and an increasingly common and unwanted clean-up problem for local authorities.

As well as hampering the effectiveness of wastewater treatment plants, the build up of FOG in pipework decreases its capacity, creates blockages that are estimated to be the cause of 30 to 35% of all sanitary overflows, and results in the early and expensive replacement of piping. This is leading local authorities to deal with improper disposal by introducing even stricter regulations and imposing stiffer penalties on those who breach local ordinances.

For the owners and managers of food service establishments, National Waste Associates’ Waste Management Program for Fats, Oils and Grease provides a cost-effective “start to finish” solution that is tailored to an establishment’s short- and long-term needs.

Working to either a specified local ordinance schedule or responding to seasonal or promotion-led demands, NWA provides the right service at the right time. National Waste Associates’ network of certified restaurant grease, fats, and oils recyclers are equipped with special cleaning systems to ensure a service that gives maximum flexibility and efficiency with the minimum of disruption.

And, thanks to the economies of scale of its provider network, along with proactive account management and consolidated invoicing, the service is cost competitive, especially given the potential for further savings from the recycling of certain collected material.

“By looking closely at the needs of the marketplace and bringing our experience from other sectors, we’ve been able to bring a much needed service in a cost effective manner to the widest range of food service outlets,” said Carmine Esposito, CEO, National Waste Associates. “Whether you’re a multiple unit franchisee or a much larger corporate chain, we make it that much easier to meet your legal duties and environmental obligations along with the fiscal control that so many organizations need in this area.”

For more information on National Waste Associates Waste Management Program for Fats, Oils and Grease contact Dan Burke at 888-692-5005 or visit http://www.nationalwaste.com/solutions/restaurant-waste-recycling-management.

National Waste Associates helps regional and national multi-location restaurants, retailers and supermarket chains to create a sensible waste management and recycling program, control it, reduce waste management and recycling costs up to 30% or more and expand recycling opportunities to obtain competitive advantage through more effective resource management.

NWA provides waste management services for organizations with multiple facilities located anywhere in the U.S., Puerto Rico or Canada. Find out more by contacting National Waste Associates at 888-692-5005 or visit http://www.nationalwaste.com.