First Restaurant Food Roller Coaster Rolls Out in U.S. at Sunny Side Up Cafe

First Restaurant Food Roller Coaster Rolls Out in U.S. at Sunny Side Up CafeA seasoned restaurant owner or restaurant chain CEO might think they’ve seen everything in the restaurant business, but a new invention has heads turning and customers talking. The experts at Innovative Restaurant Engineering recently engineered and installed the prototype Food Roller Coaster, which is currently patent pending #62/083,795. The unique and unusual Food Roller Coaster is a first for the United States and was installed in the Sunny Side Cafe in West Point, Nebraska.

The system begins with a slim lined belt driven conveyor to lift each plate of food as the cooks complete it. The dishes are lifted to the highest point just below the ceiling and then transfer onto gravity roller conveyors. This keeps the plates moving smoothly and evenly down and around a spiral and into centrally located staff stations. Customers get to watch their food take a roller coaster ride as it emerges hot and fresh from the kitchen. Aside from the instant entertainment appeal of a food roller coaster, restaurant owners also enjoy the improved efficiency created by this kind of meal delivery system.

In traditional kitchen and dining room layouts, the wait staff has to travel back to one station to pick up orders. Food often sits for a few minutes as the staff fills drinks or takes new orders, letting the dishes cool before they reach the customers. When the dishes arrive in the staff station from the kitchen via a Food Roller Coaster, the food is still hot and more easily distributed to the tables throughout the room. The wait staff spends more time on the floor taking care of the customers and less time going back and forth to the kitchen. Meals are delivered faster, resulting in happier customers. The system can even reduce labor costs by requiring fewer wait staff members to service the same number of diners.

The Sunny Side Up Cafe is about 120 feet in length, so the engineers at Innovative Restaurant Engineering installed an 80 feet long conveyor system. They customize each roller coaster to the size and shape of the location for maximum efficiency. For restaurants with large or divided dining rooms, the team can install diverters that separate plates and send them to multiple pick up stations. The spiral sizes start as small as three feet to save valuable space. Since the ride is smooth enough to keep the food on the plates, it’s possible to seat customers under the higher portions of the roller coaster without losing floor space.

Innovative Restaurant Engineering offers their roller coaster design and installation services to locations throughout the country.  The Food Roller Coasters are engineered so that they are maintenance free for years.
Anyone looking to increase wait staff efficiency while becoming the talk of their town should get in contact with the design team to order their very own Food Roller Coaster.

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