Flu Season Is Here and Restaurants Are Depending on Companies like Enviro-Master to Keep Germs at Bay

Flu Season Is Here and Restaurants Are Depending on Companies like Enviro-Master to Keep Germs at Bay

Flu Season Is Here and Restaurants Are Depending on Companies like Enviro-Master to Keep Germs at BayEnviro-Master Services is seeing an uptick in demand for their state-of-the-art cleaning services in the restaurant sector. Considering contagion appears to be likely. Plenty of bugs—both the familiar like E. coli and influenza—and the less-well-known varieties—commonly make their homes in public restrooms and in large, shared eating areas. The germs lurking on toilet seats and door handles, faucets, sinks and anything else we touch in restaurants and other workplace bathrooms are the focus of the Enviro-Master business model.  It is North America’s leading health and safety-focused commercial cleaning service.

The commercial cleaning industry is estimated at $61 billion, and is expected to grow by an additional two percent alone in 2019, according to experts. Backed by decades of industry experience and a standardized health and safety program, Enviro-Master’s niche (which focuses on killing germs and bacteria) and network of nearly 80 franchised locations in the U.S. and Canada, protects their customers’ employees and clients against the spread of infectious disease.

Enviro-Master has been ranked during the past five consecutive years on Inc. 5000’s list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private companies. In addition, Entrepreneur recognized Enviro-Master as No. 1 in the restroom maintenance industry on its 2018 list of Top 500 Franchises. Entrepreneur has issued the company numerous other awards since 2014, including a place on its list of “Most Promising Business Opportunities” and “Top New Franchises.”  According to Brian Wieters, EVP of Franchise Development, “I’ve been in franchise development for over 30 years and have not seen a concept with the strong fundamentals that we have at Enviro-Master.  The reason for our continued growth is due to five basic fundamentals: 1) Large, Identifiable Market; 2) Lack of Competition; 3) Recession Resistant; 4) Recurring Revenue; and 5) Cannot be displaced by technology.”

As flu season quickly approaches, the impact of disease-carrying germs becomes harder to ignore: 4.2 million employees took sick days from the workplace in January 2018 and those were just the ones reported.  The team at Enviro-Master thinks that figure will increase each year if these areas are not cleaned properly.

An average Enviro-Master provides unique processes and products that disinfect and sterilize surfaces that serve as breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses such as the flu, Hepatitis, Norovirus and MRSA. Enviro-Master’s commercial restroom hygiene service, which is applied with EPA-registered, non-toxic products, ensures 99.99 percent of germs are killed.

Enviro-Master currently provides weekly service to more than 250 brands that represent more than 30,000 retail and restaurant locations in North America and the need is still growing.

“We’re straining against demands for our services as more publicity and attention is given to contagion and germs in the workplace”, said Wieters. “Our customers are seeing this as not only a health and safety issue but as a productivity issue,” No one wants to see an entire restaurant staff come down with the same cold or flu bug. We are trying to greatly reduce that problem and the problems that come with it.  Restaurants in particular, are then susceptible due to employee/customer contact.”

Due to publicity and new facts about germs coming from experts, the demand for Enviro-Master Services in the restaurant industry and beyond is growing.  EMS is currently targeting new markets such as New Orleans, Phoenix, Toronto, Philadelphia, New York, Reno and Denver to name a few.

For more information visit enviro-master.info or call 833-GERMPROS.

Enviro-Master International Franchise was founded in 2009 by Pat Swisher, founder and CEO of Swisher International. Enviro-Master is focused on making a difference in the health of communities around the world with 78 franchise locations currently servicing thousands of retail and restaurant locations weekly. Enviro-Master provides a comprehensive disease prevention, odor control and sterilization program for commercial businesses. In 2018 Enviro-Master International Franchise was ranked for the fifth year in a row by Inc. 5000 as one of American’s Fastest Growing Private Companies, and in 2019 for the seventh year in a row by Entrepreneur Franchise 500. To learn more about how Enviro-Master helps protect against the spread of infectious disease, visit www.enviro-master.com and connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.