Football Season Brings Big Crowds: How to Cash In

Football Season Brings Big Crowds: How to Cash In

Fall is upon us, and that means lots of things…falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and pumpkin spice everything. But mostly, it means football. It’s every sports fan’s favorite time of year, and plenty of football-loving people will be looking for a place to watch the game. So what can you do to take advantage of your potential customers? Keep reading for some tips on how you can cash in on football crowds.

Keep them interested.

Even the most exciting game has some slow moments (not to mention commercials). Keep your customers engaged and interested by offering them something to do besides watch the game. This is also a great way to bring in customers before or after the game. Games are one foolproof way to engage your customers. With Buzztime’s live events, you can make sure your customers are having fun no matter what’s going on in the game. You can even test their sports knowledge with Trivia LIVE!

Fantasy Football.

There are about 36 million fantasy sports players in the U.S. and Canada! While you probably won’t get quite that many customers crammed into your bar on game night, you can assume that more than a few of your customers are into fantasy football. So why not take advantage of their interest by hosting fantasy football draft parties and offering special deals for fantasy football players?

Mix up your menu.

What’s the deal with your drinks? Do you simply offer the same things on game day that you do during the rest of the week? Try mixing things up a bit by offering a different menu during games. You might even try creating a new cocktail or shot for your team or a specific player.

Ticket stub discounts.

It’s not all about college football and the NFL. Think about all of the fans your local high school has and focus on bringing them into your bar. Kozmo’s Grille in Ohio offers a 10% discount to anyone who brings in a high school football ticket. What can you offer customers who present a ticket?

Get social.

Engaging your customers on social media is an awesome way to spread the word about your bar and get customers excited. For example, Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q in North Carolina invited customers to send in pictures of themselves striking the Heisman pose. Winners were posted to the company’s Facebook page and voted on for a cash prize. You can run a similar contest by asking customers to post photos on Instagram or Facebook.

Offer scoring discounts.

Customers always appreciate a discount, but raise the stakes a bit by only offering a discount if the team scores a certain number of points or touchdowns. This will force customers to pay attention and get more invested in the game!

Football season can bring a ton of customers into your bar, and it’s up to you to take advantage of the opportunity! What do you do to cash in on big football crowds in your bar?

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