Fridays Challenges Meat-Loving Fans Everywhere to Demand Bigger Ribs Today and Everyday

Fridays Challenges Meat-Loving Fans Everywhere to Demand Bigger Ribs Today and Everyday

America’s home for Big Ribs brings back $12.99 offer, plus $14.99 Choose Two Meats offer continues

Fridays Challenges Meat-Loving Fans Everywhere to Demand Bigger Ribs Today and EverydayWhile some restaurants focus more and more on shrinking menus that offer tiny ribs or riblets, Americans deserve a higher quality rack of ribs on their plate. In yet another bold move to deliver craveable menu selections and value in-store and online, Fridays is raising the bar with Big Ribs, announcing the popular return of their $12.99 offer for a full rack of Big Ribs in any of three savory styles including two sides. In one, bold voice with meat-lovers across America, Fridays wants everyone to #DemandBiggerRibs.

Since the launch of Big Ribs in October 2017, Fridays’ Guests have really taken to our bigger, bolder and meatier Big Rib that replaced traditional ribs on the menu. Fridays will be serving up three tasty styles: Traditional BBQ, Jack Daniel’s, and our new Bourbon Bacon, all are sure to please even the most discerning meat connoisseur’s taste buds.

“Fridays continues to lead the way with menu innovations at a great price for Guests without compromising quality, presentation or service,” said Fridays Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Perdue. “We’re proud to offer a better choice to our Guests, not just with Big Ribs, but with all of our food and beverages. As a Guest-centric brand, we know consumers want more from their menu and tiny ribs with less quality won’t cut it. We’re doing more to always be two steps ahead.”

Recently in Dallas, TX, Fridays asked everyday people to choose tiny ribs or Big Ribs – you can imagine the result. Overwhelmingly, people chose Big Ribs, and we have the proof.

Hungry Guests can also choose from 15 flavorful protein combinations to create their perfect meal for one easy-to-love price. Launched earlier this year, the Choose Two Meats menu includes Big Ribs as a half-rack portion – the most popular choice when paired with another half-portion entreé. By popular demand, Fridays will continue bringing Choose Two Meats to tables across America for $14.99 at participating Fridays or online through October 2018.

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