Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh “Rolls Out” The Mediterranean Version of The Burrito – The Laffa

Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh "Rolls Out" The Mediterranean Version of The Burrito - The Laffa

Mix up your routine with the Laffa wrap for just 5.99 through Nov. 17

Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh "Rolls Out" The Mediterranean Version of The Burrito - The LaffaGarbanzo Mediterranean Fresh’s menu is filled with scratch-made “wonderfood” – the perfect balance of delicious AND nutritious. Garbanzo wants to let the burrito-loving consumers of the world know that there is a way to break up the monotony of their favorite wrapped meal and diffuse the inevitable afternoon gut-bomb with a uniquely flavorful, nutrient-packed Laffa wrap. They want folks to know that the good stuff is no longer under warps – it’s in the wraps.

Beginning Oct. 22, Garbanzo is celebrating everything there is to love about Mediterranean wonderfood perfectly wrapped up in one delicious package – the Laffa.

Garbanzo is encouraging guests to experience the Laffa, one of its most remarkably craveable menu items that you might not be too familiar with for an unbeatable price of just $5.99!

Never had the pleasure of trying a Laffa before? Prepare to fall in love. Laffa is a scratch-made Mediterranean flatbread that Garbanzo uses as a wrap, customized to your liking. It’s the same size as a handheld mission-style burrito, yet filled with healthy and wholesome ingredients no burrito can offer. Its flavor is so major, it’s nothing to Laffa ‘bout.

At such an amazing price, indulging in a Laffa should be a no-brainer. Plus, there’s no risk involved. With the Garbanzo Guarantee, you’re encouraged to take risks without the whole risky part. You have one job – to taste, savor and enjoy the magnificent Laffa wrap. Garbanzo’s Guarantee ensures that if it isn’t right, they will remake it, refund your money or both…no questions asked.

“We’re beginning to see a definite shift from Mexican to Mediterranean, and a transition from burritos to Laffa,” said Devin Handler, head of marketing for the Denver-based chain. “We don’t want you to have to trade flavor and health for nutritionally-empty calories that leave you wanting an afternoon nap. Instead, we offer our Laffa – our little hidden gem that is made using the freshest, simplest ingredients derived from Old World recipes. Whether you love the Laffa or you haven’t had it before, this is the perfect time to come by and give it a try – you won’t regret it.”

This tasty special will only be available at this incredible price through Nov. 17. So, shake up your burrito cravings, diffuse the burrito gut bomb and feel brighter on the inside with a Laffa at Garbanzo.

Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh "Rolls Out" The Mediterranean Version of The Burrito - The Laffa

Garbanzo is making fresh Mediterranean cuisine a mainstream favorite across the United States. Its authentic, nutrient-rich dishes derived from Old World recipes are served with a new twist, but without compromise. Every order is customized to the guest’s liking, from juicy, high-quality meats and salads made from scratch to gyros, wraps and pita baked from scratch all day. Garbanzo is dedicated to satisfying every palate – including vegetarian and gluten-free diners – and believes that “simple tastes better.”

Garbanzo is headquartered in Colorado with 27 locations nationwide. For more information, visit

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