Gift Cards: A Gift That Keeps Giving

Making 10 million businesses more profitable by year-end

Instore announces the release of Gift Card Merchant , an instant gift card program for retail businesses worldwide. There is no cost to Gift Card Merchant; it’s Instore’s gift to our customers this holiday season. One simple app promises to improve profitability for millions of businesses, instantly.

Everyone loves gift cards. Americans alone spend over $110B on them annually.  Maybe we fear buying the wrong gift or simply value the flexibility of a prepaid card, but surveys show that over 80% of us will buy at least one gift card this holiday season. Businesses love gift cards too, as they improve sales, profit, and brand recognition. Unfortunately, for cost and complexity reasons, gift cards have largely been the domain of big retailers like Target, Apple, and Starbucks.

To implement a gift card program today, you need either a point-of-sale software system with integrated gift cards or a standalone terminal that can load and read gift cards. Both options require upfront spending of $500 or more before any revenue is realized. Existing systems also require either the purchase of blank gift cards or customers with smartphones to store digital gift cards. Physical cards cost money, take time to implement, and create card inventory challenges. Digital gift cards are less attractive to purchasers who want something tangible to “gift”.

Not surprisingly, an estimated 90% of small retailers don’t have a gift card program.

Gift Cards: A Gift That Keeps GivingUntil now.

For the first time, retailers can instantly begin selling gift cards in physical form. For free. All you need is an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Gift Card Merchant gives retailers and consumers the tangible satisfaction of selling and giving a physical gift card.

Why are gift cards so compelling? When a retailer sells a gift card, they get cash upfront, improving cash flow. Over 70% of gift card recipients spend more than the gift card value, increasing sales. When gift card recipients redeem the card, they are more willing to pay full value, increasing profit. Gift cards are a great way to reduce overall transaction costs, specifically credit card fees. Finally, gift cards help the retailer promotes its brand and grows its customer base. What’s not to love?

How does Gift Card Merchant work?

1.  Using the free Gift Card Merchant app, design your card from our starter templates or by uploading a photo

Gift Cards: A Gift That Keeps Giving

2.  Print out the gift cards we email to you

Gift Cards: A Gift That Keeps Giving

3.  Start selling your gift cards

Gift Cards: A Gift That Keeps Giving

Instore manages the rest, including maintaining your gift card balances, reporting, and sending customer receipts. Retailers of the world rejoice! Your holiday season just got a lot brighter.

At Instore, we empower the local retailer to thrive in a competitive world. Gift Card Merchant follows in the footsteps of our first application, Instore , the world’s easiest-to-use mPOS for running a retail business.