Gipsee introduces FREE Interactive Allergy Menus for restaurants

Gipsee introduces FREE Interactive Allergy Menus for restaurants

Free Service allows restaurants to setup Allergen Menus in as little time as a week!

Gipsee, Inc. the leading maker of Food Allergy software for the restaurant and hospitality industry today announced a FREE service for restaurants to display interactive allergy information for major allergens on their websites.

As part of the service, Gipsee customizes the ‘look and feel’ of the Interactive Allergen Menus, does initial setup of menus and allergens and hosts the service on the Gipsee Cloud. In most cases, a restaurant can expect to go ‘live’ with the service within one week.

“There is no ‘catch’ to offering this free service,” says Atul Ahuja, Gipsee’s Chief Technology Officer.  “It’s just that we are able to deploy our existing resources so efficiently that we think it’s time restaurants ought to be able to leverage this for the benefit of the food-allergy community”

The free service makes it easy for food-allergy diners to interactively select their allergens on a restaurant’s website and instantly view menu options that meet their selected criteria. Examples of how this works may be viewed on Gipsee’s website at

Gipsee will continue to offer its ‘Pro’ version of the Interactive Allergen Menus, which is an ‘enterprise-level’ solution for restaurants. The Pro version includes sophisticated back-end reporting; analytics; API services for advanced consumer-facing technologies such as table-top ordering; and, mobile & kiosk ordering solutions and, ingredient database management systems for QA departments.

“Accurate allergen management takes a lot of sophisticated management by QA departments and staff nutritionists, including interfaces with food suppliers,” says Ahuja.  “Our Pro version is designed to provide simplicity on the front-end for diners while proving efficient means to manage complex data beneath the surface for QA departments.”

Gipsee guarantees effort and cost-savings to organizations that use its Pro version software.

Gipsee, Inc. is the leading provider of innovative food-ingredient based analysis technology solutions for restaurants, schools and hospitality industries. Gipsee currently provides these innovative patent-pending solutions for over 3,000 US and Canadian restaurants including Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Quiznos, Saladworks and numerous K-12 school locations.

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