Gipsee’s Allergen & Nutrition Calculator – a Feature Rich and Powerful Offering for Restaurant Chains

Nutrition & Allergen info geared towards an engaging customer experience!

Gipsee, Inc. the leading maker of food allergy and nutrition software for restaurants offers a smorgasbord of features in its latest version of consumer-facing software geared towards enhancing the customer experience.

Diners today expect a lot more information on the food that they are about to consume than ever before” says Dilip Chopra, Co-founder of Gipsee, Inc. “not only do they expect more info on the product but expect it in interactive formats. They want to see the nutritional content of the food, whether it fits their specific dietary needs such as sodium- savvy items, calorie criteria, fat or carb content or, even special lifestyles like the paleo diets. We have been offering innovative products on our platform for almost a decade now and continue the innovation process to keep up with market trends”.

Gipsee's Allergen & Nutrition Calculator - a Feature Rich and Powerful Offering for Restaurant ChainsGipsee’s Interactive Allergen Menus and Nutrition Calculators offer diners the ability to design meals given a restaurant’s offerings, to interactively show nutritional content based on preferences, restrictions, or lifestyles and, save these customized meals for future reference or, email the orders to themselves or, to the restaurants before their expected visit.

To make it convenient for the restaurant-clients, Gipsee offers a full range of packaged-services including certified nutrition analysis for a flat $129 per recipe fee and completely-free Allergen- identification services. Using Gipsee’s ‘one-stop-shop’ approach, restaurants can not only achieve internal efficiencies in the nutrition and allergen reporting process but also save substantial third-party consultant fees normally incurred for calculating nutritional values and determining allergens in foods.

Gipsee, Inc. is the leading provider of innovative food-ingredient based analysis technology solutions for restaurants and hospitality industries. Gipsee, and its affiliate have been providing innovative solutions for thousands of US and Canadian restaurants for almost a decade. For more information, please visit