Givex Charts Path for Continued Growth in 2021 With Unparalleled POS Flexibility and Innovation

Over the past year, the operations management platform pivoted to provide unwavering support to its clients, while continuing to secure new clients across the globe.

Givex Charts Path for Continued Growth in 2021 With Unparalleled POS Flexibility and InnovationGivex, the cloud-based operations management solution that provides brands with a fully integrated suite of customizable products, including gift cards, loyalty, point-of-sale (POS) and analytics, has blazed a path of considerable growth in 2021, offering flexible and continually innovative technology that is unmatched within the industry. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Givex demonstrated its ability to adapt to the changing tech landscape and, as a result of these nimble and deliberate adjustments, has continued to expand its impressive portfolio of international clients over the past year.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March of last year, Givex immediately refocused its attention on its Customer WebSuite, a mobile app that creates a seamless experience between customers and Givex services like online ordering, gift cards, loyalty programs and more. Focusing on the WebSuite, Givex developed effective and efficient solutions to help streamline and bolster online ordering capabilities in order to better support clients during this unprecedented moment in time. As a result, Givex clients were able to quickly and successfully pivot operations to launch their online ordering and delivery services as a way to sustain business throughout the pandemic.

“Last year, online ordering became an essential component that clients needed in order to survive and, therefore, became an immediate priority for us,” said Joe Donaldson, Chief Marketing Officer at Givex. “We continuously added new integrations with third-party delivery platforms to ensure that restaurants could sustain themselves during the pandemic by reaching those customers who may rely solely on third-party delivery. Our integrations also allowed us to offer seamless service in addition to loyalty programs and contactless payment options to better support sales and encourage repeat customer business. More than anything else, we are immensely proud of the support that we have been able to offer our clients during this challenging time.”

As lockdowns continued into 2021, restaurants were able to confidently lean on Givex technology as a way to streamline their workflow and navigate the staffing challenges and shortages created by the pandemic.

In a year where restaurant clients needed more support than ever before, Givex’s flexibility is unparalleled within the industry, allowing all clients to use the integrated partners of their choice, including their preferred payment processor and delivery partners. Givex POS works to provide seamless integration, allowing customers to choose the product suite that best serves their individual business needs. Additionally, by providing constant upgrades and a robust system that is built to scale, Givex offers clients a POS system that is always primed for growth.

“It’s important for us to be able to provide our clients with up-to-date, innovative technology that makes the most sense for their immediate needs,” said Mo Chaar, Givex’s Chief Commercial Officer. “That includes offering our clients complete flexibility to choose the products that work best for them and ensuring that we can offer seamless integration with those products – a move that is unprecedented within the industry.”

As a result, Givex innovation is enabling emerging brands to grow, including Meltwich, the Canadian-based grilled cheese franchise, that will be expanding into the U.S. with the launch of 50+ locations in the coming years.

“Givex offered intuitive data, streamlined services and integrated directly with our third-party delivery provider, saving us both time and money with every online order while helping us be better prepared to confidently expand into the competitive U.S. market,” said said Ryan Hillis, Vice President of Revenue for Meltwich.

And the tech doesn’t stop with restaurants. As stadiums across the country start to reopen at 100% capacity, Givex has updated its store-value ticket platform, Uptix, to offer safer, easier and more streamlined alternatives to traditional tickets and payment options at sporting venues through pre-loaded accounts attached directly to a customer’s ticket. Currently, Givex and Uptix work with teams in the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS and NCAA Division 1 schools.

“Givex has continued to learn and grow over the past year and it’s due, in large part, to the unmatched service that we are able to offer our clients,” said Donaldson. “With guaranteed integrations and constant POS upgrades, we are ready to continue partnering with new clients and helping them adapt to the changing technology landscape in 2021 and beyond.”

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