Givex Continues Impressive Growth, Innovation and Adaptability in 2020

With an end-to-end integrated approach, automated POS updates and a new partnership with LOT Network, Givex is better positioned than ever to appeal to businesses trying to survive COVID-19.

GivexGivex Continues Impressive Growth, Innovation and Adaptability in 2020, the cloud-based customer engagement solution that helps to streamline business operations from end-to-end, isn’t slowing down. While the industry adapts to COVID-19 and plays catch up in a larger trend of vertical consolidation, Givex already encompasses a full suite of technology solutions and offers an end-to-end integrated approach for clients. Now, Givex is continuing to innovate as these overarching solutions become more relevant for clients who need end-to-end integrations in order to cut costs and survive the new normal.

“Since the start of this global pandemic, more businesses have been turning to technology to keep customers and employees safe, as well as optimize operations and drive sales,” said Brittain Brown, president of Givex. “Solutions like online ordering and contactless payment have become essential for many retailers and restaurants in this respect. Givex Retail POS is a full-featured point-of-sale (POS) system that can handle every facet of an organization and fully support businesses during this time.”

Givex Retail POS is built to scale, so as businesses adapt to this new environment, the POS capabilities increase to meet the new demands. Givex Retail POS is backed by 20 years of experience in the POS, gift and loyalty markets along with a commitment to deliver the very best products to customers.

In addition to popular tech such as online ordering and third-party delivery, Givex offers easy POS integration with digital gift cards and loyalty programs — which are positioned to be an important piece of the puzzle in creating a solution to help drive retail and restaurant sales amid COVID-19. Givex POS is fully integrated with Givex Customer Websuite, the online ordering site for gift cards and loyalty functionality.

With this, Givex helps ensure that digital gift cards are easy for consumers to redeem and for staff members to process. This results in a seamless online purchasing experience for the customer without putting a strain on reduced, overburdened staff members. Plus, this boosts brand loyalty and creates an additional way for restaurants to gather important consumer data that can be used to spot buying trends, track sales, forecast and identify issues sooner so they can take action.

Givex develops, tests and releases new POS software updates regularly. The customizable features allow merchants to enable only the solutions they require today; and provides the flexibility to activate other features for future use. The newest system accommodates several additional peripherals such as barcode scanners, weight scales, credit card readers, receipt printers and cash drawers. The biggest competitive edge is that the integration works with the established Givex ecosystem and offers automated updates.

Givex also recently announced that it joined LOT Network in a bid to combat the growing threat posed to its business and its customers by patent assertion entities (PAEs, or “patent trolls”). Givex is the first Canadian retail tech company to join LOT Network and is the first gift card tech member.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are now more acutely aware of the unexpected events that can shake up their lives and entire industries. With these added risks, it’s even more important that brands do everything they can to safeguard their business. Membership in LOT Network is one such avenue to neutralize the threat of patent trolls. By joining LOT Network, Givex is protecting its clients from exposure to patent troll lawsuits that could arise from using its products. Members agree that if, and only if, a member’s assets fall into the hands of a patent troll, they will grant a license to all other members — thus rendering them immune from patent troll litigation using those assets. All traditional uses of patents, such as selling them or using them to sue other companies, are retained.

“In the same way that our clients are using our technology to protect their staff and customers, we are proactively taking measures to protect our clients and ensure their continuity of service,” says Brown. “For our clients’ peace of mind, our solutions now come with free immunization to more than 2.5 million assets should they ever fall into the hands of a patent troll.”

With an end-to-end integrated approach, continued updates and the partnership with LOT Network, Givex is gearing up to continue momentum in 2020 and beyond.

Givex is a global cloud-based operations management solution designed to streamline business efficiencies and generate valuable and actionable customer data. Since its founding in 1999, Givex has provided operational intelligence across a wide variety of industries, from restaurant and retail to hospitality and the service sector, offering a fully integrated suite of customizable products, including gift cards, loyalty, point-of-sale (POS) systems, tableside ordering and analytics. Givex’s Uptix™ ticketing solution transforms traditional sports or event tickets into a mobile interactive platform, providing event managers with new insights into their customer base and the ability to elevate the fan experience. With more than 16 billion transactions conducted across more than 55 countries, Givex is at the forefront of how brands will compete for customers now and in the future. For more information about Givex, please visit