Gordon Ramsay’s own nightmare

Once the darling of the public, Gordon Ramsay, the world’s most famous cook, has spread himself too thinly for his own good, reports William Langley.

In the space of a few months, Gordon Ramsay has been accused of losing his touch in the kitchen, having no friends, blowing his money on failed vanity projects, and – as light frosting on the sinking Gordo gateau – shaping up to become “the leading cause of death in the restaurant industry”.

This last one followed the suicide of a former contestant on the American version of Ramsay’s hit TV show, Kitchen Nightmares. Amid suggestions that the host was riding his cast of aspiring souffle-whippers too hard, the dead man’s hometown newspaper complained that Joe Cerniglia, 39, was “at least the second” participant to have killed himself after appearing on the programme, evoking images of failed chefs shuffling en masse towards cliff faces and gun lockers.

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