GroupRaise Adds 700 Restaurants Around 250 University Campuses

GroupRaise Adds 700 Restaurants Around 250 University Campuses

GroupRaise Adds 700 Restaurants Around 250 University is helping restaurants around university campuses connect with student organizations and drive sales through in-restaurant fundraisers. In the last 6 months the site has grown quickly around universities, with over 700 active restaurant partners on 250+ university campuses.

GroupRaise is a booking platform where large groups like fraternities/sororities and restaurants connect for in-restaurant fundraisers. There are thousands of university groups looking for social fundraising opportunities & GroupRaise helps them find the restaurants nearby who are willing to host them.

Here’s how it works: Restaurants list the days of the week and times when they want to host groups. Then local community groups, like student organizations, request dates to host fundraisers at these restaurants. For restaurants who don’t have a fundraising program, the site makes it easy to build one and get started:

GroupRaise only charges a small fee if a restaurant is successful in connecting with a group they would like to host. GroupRaise helps promote restaurants in their local community and adds extra value by giving groups a host of marketing tools to help fundraisers be successful.

Restaurants like Mellow Mushroom Pizza have started using the platform. Damon, a Mellow Mushroom franchisee near the University of Kentucky, said, “We’ve found the website incredibly easy to use, it helps us keep our events organized.”

They have been using the service now for just over 6 months. Damon also went on to say, “We enjoy doing fundraisers, it brings some new customers into our location, and as well it allows us to support the community and the fundraising efforts of various groups at the University of Kentucky. So overall I would definitely recommend it, and it’s been a great thing for us.”

If you are interested in connecting your restaurant location or chain with GroupRaise, take 3 mins to sign up your concept here:

For any questions and chain inquiries, email