Growing Competition Between Mobile Food Vendors and Restaurants

Thousands of Washington D.C.’s working crowd ditched the power lunch places Thursday afternoon and stood in snaking sidewalk lines instead. All for a taste of the District’s burgeoning street food scene.

“It was about an hour wait for a hot dog,” said Mark Bittenbender.

But not just any old hot dog – but a “Wonky Dog” smothered with cheese curds, fries and gravy.

Lorraine Brasseur was taken with the bright pink Curbside Cupcakes truck.

“The cupcakes are really good … I especially liked the sweet potato cupcake,” she said.

Attendance at D.C.’s first Curbside Cookoff, sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Commission, was a testament to the demand for more interesting dining choices in the city.

“I think it’s kind of neat that there’s an alternative to sort of the same old deli,” said Brasseur.

It has also highlighted some divisions between the young startups, and the old establishment.

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