Launches Exclusive Platform for Restaurant Jobs Launches Exclusive Platform for Restaurant – the exclusive platform for restaurant jobs, is excited to announce that it has launched a new online platform which specializes in connecting restaurants and job seekers.

There are more than 1 million restaurant locations In the United States*. Over 14 million people are employed within the restaurant industry, and it’s projected that the industry will add approximately 1.7 million jobs over the next decade*. bridges the gap between restaurants and new employees. The platform makes it very easy for job seekers to apply for jobs, and for restaurants, eateries, and any company that operates in the food service industry to post their employment needs.

Job seekers have the option to receive instant notifications about their desired position in exact locations as soon as the jobs are posted. In addition, users can search for employment opportunities using a specific zip code search and preset job titles including but not limited to: Sommelier, Bartender, Server, Host or Hostess, Chef, Sous Chef, Dish Washer, General Manager, Kitchen Manager, Coat Check, Barista, and many more. This helps connect restaurants to job seekers instantly and narrow down specific opportunities. Job seekers will also enjoy a resume builder feature.

Restaurants and other businesses in the food and hospitality industry are able to manage job applications in one content management system with numerous features such a custom profile, confidentiality option for job postings, member directory listing, instant alerts from job applications.

“As a former restaurateur, I know that a high amount of turnover of employees in the restaurant industry has adverse effects on a restaurant’s success. Having access to pool of potential employees is vital for all restaurants. However, posting a job online and having it go unseen or receiving emails from people who never worked for a required job position is a common problem. fills the void of connecting restaurants with employees quickly and effectively.” stated John Cangir, CEO of is the exclusive platform for restaurant jobs. The company brings together employers and employees in the restaurant industry, that are located within the United States.

(*source: National Restaurant Association – 2016)