Health Nut Elevates Guest Experience with Tattle CX & Feedback Platform

Health Nut Elevates Guest Experience with Tattle CX & Feedback Platform

Customer Experience Improvement (CXI) Leader Continues to Partner With Celebrity-Favorite Fast Casual Brand

Health Nut Elevates Guest Experience with Tattle CX & Feedback PlatformTattle, the AI-driven guest feedback and CX management platform providing the restaurant industry with actionable, data-driven insights into guest sentiment, today announced that Health Nut will utilize Tattle to measure omni-channel guest sentiment and operational performance.

From its beginnings in 1988 as primarily a vitamin store to today’s 5-unit fast casual concept, Health Nut has been serving healthy and delicious meals to a very loyal customer base for decades. The brand prides itself on everyday fresh ingredients and crowd-favorite dressings. Backed by celebrity investors such as Kris Jenner, Health Nut is primed to continue its growth trajectory in years to come.

With the Tattle partnership, Health Nut operators from executives to general managers will be able to automatically, directly and privately survey guests after an experience, gaining a deep understanding into the performance of each operational category (e.g. Food Quality, Hospitality, Accuracy, Speed of Services etc.) and their underlying factors (e.g. Temperature, Texture, Greetings, etc.). The vast volumes of guest feedback data feeds Tattle’s proprietary algorithms, which then generates recommendations and monthly objectives for each location that best improve guest satisfaction and revenue, providing valuable insights into improvement opportunities for operations, marketing, guest service and culinary teams.

“We’ve always emphasized our connectivity with our customers, and Tattle just takes it to another level by allowing us to take a more proactive approach in soliciting that feedback, and visualizing the data into actionable insights that our team members can implement right away at a store level,” said Steve Choi, CEO of Health Nut. “We believe this partnership is crucial for unlocking our next chapter of growth, as we keep using Tattle insights to inform our daily operations, optimize the guest experience, and strategize future expansions.”

Tattle is an AI-driven, customer feedback technology platform built with an open API that simplifies the guest feedback process. Using proprietary algorithms, Tattle measures satisfaction across all ordering channels and makes recommendations for highly-impactful improvements to operational areas across restaurant locations in order to drive the greatest possible increase in guest satisfaction.

Additional Tattle integration benefits include:

  • Omni-channel guest satisfaction measurement across Dine-In, Takeout, Delivery, Drive-Thru, and Curbside
  • 10% average guest feedback penetration and a 94.7% survey completion rate of a 50-60 question survey
  • Causation-based survey format to identify factors, i.e. Topping Distribution, that negatively impact an operational category, i.e. Accuracy
  • Leverages AI to identify and recommend high-impact operational categories for improvement across each location
  • Automated location-level Monthly Objectives that results in 84% probability of guest satisfaction increase
  • Incident Management System for recovering 1 in 3 guests with email templates and automation

“Tattle is revolutionizing the hospitality industry’s CX strategy, providing detailed data and insights on guest satisfaction to improve operations and elevate the customer experience across multiple channels,” said Tattle CEO/Founder, Alex Beltrani. “We’re excited to continue our growth and partner with more businesses across the country who want to provide best-in-class customer loyalty and valuable insights to improve their business.”

Tattle is the only Customer Experience Improvement (CXI) platform built to help the hospitality industry by collecting actionable feedback data by interacting with their customers where they make transactions. With brand partners including Chili’s, Dava, MOD Pizza, Hooters and Dave’s Hot Chicken, Tattle supports 220+ leading hospitality brands across 11,000+ locations globally. Using existing third-party tools and API integrations, Tattle connects brands with their guests at every touch point of the customer journey. Through their AI, Tattle recommends the most opportunistic operational area for improvement at each of our partners’ locations to drive the greatest increase in guest satisfaction. For more information, please visit

From its humble beginnings as a vitamin shop in 1988, Health Nut has evolved into a popular Southern California chain that also runs a thriving online business for its popular dressings and sauces. The restaurant is renowned for the freshness of its ingredients, family-recipe homemade dressings, and wide range of vegan, vegetarian, organic and gluten-free options.

For information about licensing opportunities with the Health Nut brand, contact Cindy Bailey, HatchTank LLC., at (818) 404-8088 or