HeroPay and the Association for Enterprise Partner in Small and Mid Sized Cities

HeroPay and the Association for Enterprise Partner in Small and Mid Sized Cities

HeroPay and the Association for Enterprise Partner in Small and Mid Sized CitiesRestaurants are arguably one of the most valuable assets of any community. Unfortunately, many small restaurants operate on slim margins, are pressed for time, and pay excessive banking fees.

One expense that is often overlooked and misunderstood is the price of credit card processing. The cost to accept credit cards can make up 2-5% of expenses, chipping away at the owner’s hard-earned dollar. To illustrate, while small business merchants (many of which are restaurants) make up 26% of the annual transaction volume in the United States but they pay a whopping 79% of processing fees!

HeroPay and the Association for Enterprise Opportunity have begun piloting a program to lower credit card processing fees for restaurants in small and mid sized cities.

For details on how you can participate please head here: https://www.heropay.com

The Association for Enterprise Opportunity is partnering with HeroPay a comparison shopping platform that helps restaurant owners save on payment processing to launch a nationwide campaign for restaurant businesses.

Schedule a free consultation with a HeroPay representative here: https://www.heropay.com/tilt-forward/

Restaurant owners can know easily compare their current rates and see if there is a better option available to save them money on their fees and keep more on every transaction.

Users enter in some information about their business and then are presented with options to choose from tailored to their restaurant. HeroPay facilitates the entire transaction to ensure the process goes smoothly. HeroPay has been able to save restaurant owners up to 40 percent on credit card processing fees.

Each restaurant owner gets personalized attention from one of HeroPay’s payment experts, all at no additional cost to the business owner.

Through innovative partnerships with trusted advisors like the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, the days of small business owners paying 79% of industry fees are quickly coming to an end. The combination of an easy to use comparison platform, access to credit card processing experts, and the HeroPay Academy provides restaurant owners with the resources to make informed decisions.

Reviews available for major processors including, PayPal, Clover, PayTrace, Revel, Vantiv, and more.

By saving money through the HeroPay platform, the family owned restaurant can finally buy that new grill they have been holding off on or hire another employee in time for the holiday season.