Hooters College Football – Win a Trip to Championship Games

Hooters College Football - Win a Trip to Championship Games

Hooters College Football - Win a Trip to Championship GamesThis college football season, Hooters is offering fans a chance to win a trip to the championship game plus a chance to win tickets to one of each big six college bowl games.

Winners of these bowl game tickets will compete for the ultimate prize – a trip to the championship game in Atlanta, Georgia, and a pre-game tailgate at Hooters by submitting a video of their experience at the bowl game and at the local Hooters. Together, fans and Hooters will vote on the best video to select the grand prize winner.

Even if you’re not one of these lucky winners, Hooters is always a winning pick for fans to enjoy craveable eats, including its latest wing innovation, Hooters Smoked Wings.

From now through November 23, 2017, fans can register online at hootersfootball.com or post game day pictures to Instagram or Twitter using #hootersfootball #Contest for a chance to win.

To find your nearest Hooters location, visit Hooters.com.

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