How A&W Restaurants Grabs Facebook Fans With Fake News

Using social media platforms like Facebook is a great way to improve your company’s marketing campaigns without doubling your costs. However, sometimes campaigns that involve silly or even shocking material get the most attention in today’s online world. A&W Restaurants is getting smart to the challenges of online marketing and has developed a witty, fun marketing plan that is grabbing the attention of a younger audience. The brand’s insulting itself and creating a lot of fake content featuring its classic mascot, Rooty Root Bear. Using these tactics can be risky, but they’re providing a big payoff for the franchise. A&W is capturing the attention of kids with a branded app that burps, hooking 20-somethings with a LinkedIn profile for their mascot that gave out a lot of recommendations before being shut down, and by diving head first into a viral video trend on YouTube.  Source:  Forbes