How to Recognize New Trends Early in the Restaurant Industry

How to Recognize New Trends Early in the Restaurant Industry
Do you know what your customers will want tomorrow, next month, or even next year? Is your bar or restaurant ahead of the trends, or are you just struggling to keep up with what’s popular? In other words, how good are you at predicting the next big thing?

While quality food and service is timeless, you know that customer preferences can change over time. That’s why being able to recognize trends before they’re already over is a great skill that can benefit your business. But how can you do that? The good news is that you don’t need to have psychic abilities or visit a tarot card reader. You just need to put in a little bit of effort and keep these ideas in mind.


Listening to your customers is one of the best ways to figure out what they want. What are they looking for in their bar or restaurant experience? If many people are saying the same things, you can bet that it may become a trend.


You may think that you’re too busy to have time for homework, but the truth is, reading about your industry is essential. Read any relevant magazines and keep track of any words or concepts that are repeated often. Read blogs, articles, and websites about the bar and restaurant industry.

Keep up on the news.

Don’t get so wrapped up in your business that you don’t notice the world around you! Simply being aware of what’s happening in your world is one of the best ways to spot trends. Read or watch the news and pay attention to economic trends.

Watch social media.

What are your Twitter followers talking about? What are the hot topics for your Facebook friends? Pay attention to social media and you may be able to spot trends before they get big. Follow your customers, listen to what they’re saying, and click on any links they post. Their interests may give you some insight into future trends.

Pay attention to other businesses.

What’s going on in your local economy? Check out other companies and see what their business is like. You don’t just have to focus on bars and restaurants, either. What trends are popping up in local stores? Their customer trends may translate to your business. Does your neighborhood have an association for business owners? Joining may give you the opportunity to talk to other business owners and learn more about the trends they’re seeing with their customers.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can spot trends early and implement them in your bar or restaurant.

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